Saturday, March 13

Queen of Hearts

Again, please excuse the lateness of this post. I think we all just need to accept that it's Friday and come Friday my rampant social life (hehe) will not always allow for timely posts.

Moving on. I'm in love. I had a slightly different variation of this outfit in mind this morning. I'd paired the dress and socks with cuffed dark denim jeans but I couldn't get the shoes to work. So I ditched the jeans in favour of a slip and the whole happy accident just came together beatifully.

I've had the most fantastic evening full of great company, great food, awesome music and the most divine clothes I've ever laid eyes on. All in all tonight is going to go down in the diary as a night to remember.
Dress: Myer
Belt: Cotton On
Socks: Sydney Markets?
Shoes: Chemist


  1. Oh, that's a slip under there? Looks good! What a great dress!! Love he belt at the waist!

    Have a happy friday!


  2. Aw that's a lovely outfit. I've gotta say that I LOVE your Albert Einstein quote so much.

  3. This looks so great on you! I LOVE the slip peeking out!

  4. I love how the slip peeks out from the bottom of the dress! Very cute :]

  5. The dress with the slip is a great match. Love a happy accident!


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