Tuesday, November 30

Check Your Shoes at the Door

Phew, what a day. I'm beat. Do I look beat? Because I certainly feel it.

I am also slightly grumpy at certain neighbours decisions to play what can only be described as god awful music. Oh wow. They stopped right as I typed that. I have the power! Lucy, stop moving the football away from Charlie Brown! Did it work?

On another note I may just be in check heaven here. Those of you that know me, know I know no happiness like check mixing. It's a mouthful sure, but oh so true. 

The only downfall, and I'm hesitant to even call it that, is that I couldn't find any shoes to match. So I decided to go without. One can do that when one works from home. One cannot, however, when one has reservations at one's favourite Mexican restaurant this evening.

Top: Target
Necklace: ?
Dress: Discount place that I get confused with Igedo
Belt: Myer

Don't forget to enter my give away!

Monday, November 29

The Man

I started my new job working from home today. I got dressed, walked to work, hung my hat on the door and sat at my (lovely, lovely) desk for a good 8 hours.

This first week is mostly research and familiarising myself with everything but so far, I'm feeling pretty confident about the whole thing. Hooray!

In the lead up to today I asked a lot of people for tips on working from home. A resounding one was to get dressed. I guess I have it easy in that I have to get dressed. Otherwise this would be a very different kind of blog. Ahem.

When I got dressed this morning I got dressed to go to work. I wore my new man's watch (love!), fedora and this shirt from my husband's wardrobe. No more working for the man. I am the man.

Fedora: Target
Shirt: The Man's (he wore it when we got married. Awww.)
Dress: Valley Girl
Watch: Target
Shoes: Rubi

Friday, November 26

Give Away

Alrighty. Are you ready? Here it is, my first give away!  Because I like you all so much I have decided to give away a set of animal rings. Just like mine! Well, not just like mine. I had a run in with something and now my guy only has one antler. But it's cool. He's totally not self-conscious about it.

Now to go into the draw to win, you only need to do 2 things.  One, you must be a follower (and really once you take that step, you're already a winner) and two, leave a comment below telling me what animal I should base an outfit on and why. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest wins. Don't be afraid. I reckon I could rock a wicked Mantis shrimp.

Good luck! The contest closes Friday 10 December (Australian time) and I'll wear the outfit to my Sunday Club that weekend. Oh! And this is open to everyone, flung far and wide.

Thursday, November 25

I'm Out!

OK, that's me out. I finished up at work today. Remember how I said I might plan something special to wear? I didn't. I mean I had some ideas but none of them really made the grade. 

So instead I went muted with a pop of colour. The skirt is the pop but the colour of the shirt is definitely a favourite. If I wasn't a pacifist I'd be well pleased with the Army uniform. Oh well, what's the saying? Could that you would? Or something? Actually, that's probably not applicable here.

Anywho. I am now working from home and have treated myself to tomorrow off before I start up on Monday. So that you may share in the celebration I have decided to host my first give away! That's right. Check out tomorrow's post for details. 

Oooh it's a good'n too.

Top: Witchery 
Skirt: Myer
Ring: ?
Bangles: Ballantyne & ?
Shoes: Big W

Wednesday, November 24


OK, note to self. Write blog before you spend 2 hours in the bath tub. That muscle relaxing bubble bath also appears to relax the brain cells right outta your head.

I felt very laid back and slouchy today. Hell, I didn't even bother putting my belt through it's loop. Yeah, I roll like that sometimes.

It's my last day at work tomorrow. If I can pull some brain cells together I might try and plan something a little special. Or I might lay on the couch and drink a cup of tea. I guess you'll find out in the morning.

Top: Target
Dress: Myer
Belt: Myer
Ring: Lovisa
Shoes: City Beach

Tuesday, November 23

Smile, Kid.

I went to the dentist today. Please forgive the crooked smile, I still can't feel half of my face.

I always feel like such a grown up when I go to the dentist. No one ever really wants to go to and I figure every time I voluntarily book an appointment, I'm that little bit more grown up. Nothing says sensible like looking after your oral hygiene. Plus my dentist is real nice, which helps. 

OK, I'm off to eat smooshy food and try my darnedest not to bite my lip.

Dress: Target
Necklace: Gift
Shirt: Witchery
Belt: Myer
Ring: Sportsgirl
Tights: Target
Shoes: City Beach

Monday, November 22

Want. Want!

I wore some clothes today and I really liked them. This dress is cut rather low on the sleeves so I balanced it with buttoning all the way up. I liked that.

I could talk all evening about the subtle nuances of such dressing but what I'm really excited about is this. The store is up! The store is up!

The store that I did the photo shoot for last month is now up. Check out Fearless & Harvey for all of your vintage needs. If you're like me and love the vintage clothes but don't seem to have the mojo to find them then let Kate take the pain away. Seriously. The girl has a gift. Here are some of my favourite shots.

I'm so proud I could bust!

Dress: Cotton On
Ring: Ballantynes
Bangle: Ballantynes
Leggings: Myer
Shoes: Diva

Saturday, November 20

Sparkle and Fade

I'm so glad I bought this skirt. 

I got it on a whim at Myer a couple of days before we flew to New Zealand. 

I know one of the cardinal rules of packing for a vacation is never to include something you haven't worn but this baby saved my butt many a time thanks to sheep, rabbit and bird poop rendering my jeans unwearable. It wasn't as gross as it sounds but it was pretty close.

Anyway this guy was on my favourite sort of sale rack. The kind that says "clearance" and then "take an additional 75% off the marked price". Don't mind if I do! So this Jag skirt ended up costing me $15 instead of the $95 price tag.

And it has quickly become a real go to piece. I've worn (and washed, along with the poop jeans) it many a time since we got home and I plan on wearing it many a time more.

Top: Witchery
Singlet: ?

Skirt: Myer

Ring: Lovisa

Shoes: City Beach

Thursday, November 18


I've scored some pretty rad accessories over the last week. Check it out.

Catherine surprised me with this super, super, super cool birdcage necklace. 

And then I discovered Lovisa. Oh dear. I went out at lunch yesterday with the intention of doing a little Christmas shopping and instead I came away with: 

A sweet little winged heart ring.

These totally rad animal rings. I love them!

A winged necklace.

And I found this wicked skull clock necklace as I was walking out the door. 

I couldn't leave it behind!

Wednesday, November 17


Tis the season where you can wear red and green without people looking at you strangely and asking about elves. No other season or event has such a monopoly on colour. When you wear red and white, no one asks if you're supposed to be a cupid or something related to valentines day. No one mistakes you for the Easter bunny when you wear pastels. But Christmas, it's all over these complimentary colours. 

For the record I am not an elf. I never really got into the whole elf, wizard, fairy thing. Except for when I used to play slingshots with my friend at school. Then I was an elf or whatever was going to kick that trees butt. 

Hmmm, things just took a turn didn't they? It's been a rather disjointed day and it appears my brain is happy to broadcast the fact. 

Best end the broadcast here before I say something really ridiculous.

Purple monkey dishwasher.

Top: Valley Girl
Dress Tightrope
Broach: Gift
Belt: Thrifted
Shoes: City Beach

Tuesday, November 16

It's Simple, Really

Please excuse a) my post-acupuncture face and b) my post-acupuncture brain.

I love acupuncture, I really do. I am forever indebted to my acupuncturist Heidi for righting some icky wrongs over time. 

If you haven't tried it I can't recommend it enough. It really will cure what ails you. And if you're in the Brisbane area hit me up and I'll share the details of my maestro.

Aaaaanyway, onto the outfit, which may just be why you're here. I don't know what's happened these last few days but I find myself wanting simple, simple, simple. There are only 4 pieces to this outfit. Well, 5 if you count the slip.

I suppose to everything there is a season...

Shirt: Witchery
Belt: Myer
Skirt: Witchery
Shoes: Rubi

Monday, November 15

What the Day Brings

Plans. It's so silly to make them. If I've learnt anything from my time on earth, it's that things rarely go according to plan.

On nights like tonight though, I couldn't be happier about it. I had planned on working, going home, making dinner and watching the finale of Junior MasterChef (sure, I'll admit it). But in a happy turn of events a good friend was in town and we ended up at our favourite bar before hitting up a sushi train.

Yep. Brad really knew what they were singing about.

Scarf: Gift with purchase - SKII at Myer
Dress: Tightrope
Shoes: Chemist