Wednesday, September 28

4 Year Old Fun

I put a sticker on her hand and she put it back on mine before she left. Awww...
Nothing like a visit from my 4 year old niece to brighten up a work day.

We played marbles and hide 'n' seek. Drank tea. Touched a worm (she did, not me - ewww). Swung in the hammock and giggled ourselves silly taking Photo Booth pictures.

I'm seriously considering putting this stuff on my To Do list every day...

Monday, September 26


The Man had his wisdom teeth out on Friday morning. Poor boy.

I went along for support and to escort him home in a cab. He barely needed me though! Seriously, I had to half jog to catch up he was walking so fast.

When I had mine out I hopped like a bunny to the car. Let's just look at that again, shall we? I hopped. Like a bunny. To the car.

Sure it was 11 years ago. And I'm a total lightweight when it comes to painkillers. But off the back of my experience I was hoping for at least some sort of drug induced hilarity. 

Sadly, there was none. Though he did look sufficiently like a chipmunk yesterday. Which I'm sure he's stoked I'm telling you about.

Anyway, the point of this whole thing was to tell you, before we went in for the surgery - I had him take outfit pictures. I was wearing my new polka dot dress! It's cute!

Priorities, right?

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Cardigan: Cotton On
Dress: David Jones
Bag: Gift
Shoes: City Beach

Wednesday, September 21

What Do?

So, the wonderful Hen has been pretty darn busy being super rad, of late. Not only did she snag an utterly awesome shirt for The Man (even though I cut it up and claimed it as my own before he even had a chance to try it on), but she found this wicked fabric for me!

Isn't it glorious? And totally in need of an iron? My bad.

Anyway, it's spectacular, only...I don't know what to do with it! I feel it needs to be made into something worthy of it's white hot excellence but I just don't know what.

And that's where you crazy kids come in. Suggestions! Please! 

And as a reward, I will post photos of the creation process. So you can really see how short my fuse is when things don't immediately go my way. Also probably present: much frowning and cussing.

So please, suggest away!

Oh, here are the measurements. Yeah, I totally wrote it on grid paper to make it look more mathematical. I was gonna try and work out the conversions myself but then I remembered, "Hey, Google" and also, "Hey, I don't actually know how many centimetres are in an inch" and then, "Hey, I'm gonna draw a skull with anchors behind it. Neat!"

Fabric: Courtesy of Hen 

Monday, September 19


Isn't this shirt rad? 

The wonderful Hen, bought it for The Man. 

But before he had a chance to wear it, I...uh, well I totally stole it. 

Plus I hacked it up.

And you know, made it smell all girly and junk.

So, score one for me! 

Actually, it's probably more like, score 15 on account of the amount of clothes I "lift" from his wardrobe. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't raid mine all that often*.

*Or ever really. Oh, except for my socks. Always with the socks.

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Shirt: Was The Man's (briefly)
Skirt: Zara
Badges: Gift
Ring: Diva
Shoes: City Beach

Friday, September 16

Stay Classy

"Once it hits Thursday, I forget what day it is until Monday." - Me, last night

Also, I realise it's ironic that I've posted "Happy Friday", right after proclaiming I don't know what day it is until Monday.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off in search of a knife. It's really annoying though, cuz all I seem to find are spoons...

Wednesday, September 14

Holding On

Ah sweater weather, I'm really not ready for you to be over! Luckily these first few days (weeks now, I guess) of spring have been chilly.

Maybe it will be like last year, and I can keep the cardigans out until at least November.

And maybe the knee high socks too.

And the bow, it's always the right temperature for a bow.

Bow: I made it from a piece of fabric off an old shirt
Sweater: Cotton On
Broach: Gift
Dress: Valley Girl
Socks: Sportsgirl
Shoes: City Beach

Monday, September 12

Being Bad Feels Pretty Good, Huh?

All this talk of The Breakfast Club. I love it!

It's clearly infiltrated my wardrobe (more than usual) because I'm pretty sure I dressed with John Bender on my mind for this outfit (sigh, Bender, when are you not on my mind).

We hung out, drank beer, went to shows, drank more beer, went to more shows.

So, yeah, he's right.

Being bad (to your liver) does feel pretty good. Until the next day...but there's no photographic evidence of that.

For which you should thank me.

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Denim jacket: Was Mum's
Hoodie: Jay Jay's
Top: Target
Singlet: Myer
Bag: Strandbags
Scarves: Jay Jay's & Diva
Necklaces: Gifts
Skirt: Myer
Bangle: Lovisa
Ring: Lovisa
Leggings: Target
Shoes: Were Mum's

Thursday, September 8

Screws Fall Out All The Time Sir

You guys know I love The Breakfast Club, right? Like, a lot.

So last week, when The Man surprised me with this T-shirt. I think it's pretty safe to say... I. Lost. My. Mind.

I went with a high school themed outfit for it's debut. In truth, if I'd been given this shirt in high school I would've shit twice and died. Different movie. But the quote's still accurate.

Thanks Baby!

Cardigan: Myer
Shirt: Gift
Skirt: Zara
Rings: Gifts
Tights: Target
Shoes: Wittner

Tuesday, September 6

Good Hair

OK, are you ready for internal dialogue behind this blatant display of vanity? Here goes:
Wow. My hair has gone really good today. Sucks that the rest of me is all tired and spotty and not holding up their end.
You know, the blogosphere hasn't really seen my new hair cut. 
Aw man, this would be a good day to show them. If only I'd done my make up and stuff.
Maybe I should do my make up and stuff.
Hmmm, nah I can't be bothered.
Hey, The Man is pretty great on MS Paint, maybe he can stick something amusing over my face.
Bonus courtesy of The Man - My hair on a cat:

Monday, September 5


OK, so last week, we went out for dinner. But that doesn't really tell the story. How about I sum it up in two words. Ready?

That's a "meat sandwich" in a manilla envelope. 

Fourteen. Courses.

I know, right? Man alive! There's this new degustation restaurant that's opened down by the water called, Esquire.

Guys. The food. I just. I cannot begin to explain the absolute unfathomable awesomeness! (Though I did post my tasting notes over at our new blog...what's that? You say you've never been there before? For shame!) It was like nothing I've ever experienced before. And I can honestly say that I wasn't excruciatingly full, as one might imagine. 

Hi, random bright orange flare on my chin that is spoiling an otherwise super cute picture...
The only side effect I can find is the fact that I seemed to be pulling pretty much the same face in every picture... I think perhaps it's "food-shock".

Bow: Customised bow tie from a junk shop
Dress: Cotton On
Skull Badge: Lovisa
Cardigan: Gift
Stockings: Best 'n' Less (My 4th pair of polka dot tights to bite the dust *sob*)
Shoes: Rubi