Tuesday, January 31


Now would you look at that? Just as I shout from the rooftops (or write on here, whatever) that I've got a good schedule of posting every Monday and Wednesday... I go and switch it up to Tuesday and Thursday! Bless. I'm nothing if not contrary.

So, these pictures? Are from New Years Eve. That's right. It's taken me exactly a month to post them. What of it? Wanna fight about it?

You're looking at what's called a "Guillotine Choke" here
Nah, I'm just kidding dudes. But seriously, that's what was going on here. We'd watched UFC that morning and my dear friend Shnookie and I decided to do a little re-enacting in the back yard.

It sure was quite the feat given I was rocking an electric watermelon architectural pleat skirt... But I think we all know who the winner was. Yup. Sartorialness. Oh, that's not a real word? Then me. I was the winner.

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Shirt: Was The Man's
Ring & bangle: Lovisa
Skirt: Myer
Boots: Journey's

Wednesday, January 25

Survey Says...

Because nothing says "New Year's" like sparklers! (Even though this was taken Christmas Night...)

Man, what was that TV game show? "Survey says..." Ah, Family Feud. Thanks Google.

So anyway, the pretty dang fantastic Flow Disruption tagged me in her New Year's Survey post the other day. If you're not familiar with Brittney, get yourself on over to her blog and prepare for some seriously killer print mixing of the super exotic kind.

 And now back to me and the stuff I have to say. Yay!


3 New Year's Resolutions

See the thing is, I didn't make any. Because to be honest, I'd rather change things and learn things and see things and do things (and apparently talk a little like Dr Seuss) throughout the year - rather than pin all my ambitions together at the start of the year.

But fear not! Here are 3 things I'm keen to do in the next 365 (or so) days:

ONE: Burrow myself deep into the blogging community 
Ew, now I sound like a tick. Nah, it's nowhere near as freaky as that. Just get stuck back into blogging and all it's glory. I never stopped posting but now I've got a good schedule of Monday and Wednesday posts and commenting on and exploring new blogs every day.

TWO: Write more about the stuff I love 
Writing is my job and I'm grateful of that every single day. When I get to write about personal style and beer and cooking and other things I love? I'm one happy chappy!

THREE: Treat myself. A lot! 
I like this one. I like all of them. But this one means I get to do things like treat myself to a manicure or buy those cute pyjama shorts I like but always walk past. When you've got the means...why deprive yourself?

3 Random Facts About Yourself

Let's see here...OK:

First: I was trampled by 3 camels when I was 9
I broke my humerus bone and tore all the ligaments and tendons off my neck and shoulders. Yeah, not fun. I'm still wary of those guys.

Second: I have a mole in my right eye 
It looks like a third pupil. When I was in 5th grade I used to tell the boys it gave me x-ray vision.

Third: I've lived in over a hundred houses
It was up over 90 by the time I was 17. It's slowed down now. I went to 13 schools and have lived in 3 countries: Australia, New Zealand, and America.

3 Style Obsessions

1: I'm a grunge baby. So you give me a pair of torn jeans, a flannelette shirt, a floral dress, and a pair of docs...and I'll wear them until they fall apart.

2: I really should have spaced them out to be one obsession each. OK, number 2, number 2... this is hard! What do you guys think my style obsessions are? Alright Selise, pull it together. I've got one! Plaid! And checkers and gingham and anything else that print can be called. Love it.

3: We're on the home stretch. You know what? Undergarments. I'm a huge fan of slips. I wear them a whole lot. Beautiful camisoles and slips always make me feel a bit special. I browse the racks of expensive silk, rubbing it between my fingers in awe. Maybe I should combine New Year's Resolution #3 with Style Obsession #3 and finally splurge on some! 

TAG! The Next 3...

Alrighty I'm gonna go ahead and tag:

Can't wait to see what you write, ladies!

Monday, January 23

Glory Days

First up, gang, thank you so much for all your swell comments on my last post! 21! I think that's some kind of record for Lovers, Saints & Sailors. So thanks. A lot. It's fantastic to know it resonated with so many people. And it's particularly awesome to know we all dress for ourselves and no one else. Though, I had my suspicions all along ;)

So after that last number, I got to thinking about the outfit I described from the night I met The Man. I had a little search through some pictures and while I didn't find that exact ensemble. I did, however, find this one (from a few weeks before we met):

Note the overflowing accessories bag on the counter
What can I say? I've always been a charmer...

Now, let me break this bad boy on down for you:

OK, I made that singlet - customised, really it says "Glory"
That's a tube top worn as a miniskirt
2 Belts - one studded, one with chains
Fishnets. I think they were my army green ones
And my beloved Cowboy boots
Let's see...a bunch of necklaces, rosary beads, saints, a necklace I made out of safety pins and crosses
A tie worn around my wrist and I think that's about it

And just so you know...this wasn't for a costume party. This was my every day attire. We're looking at 2005 here.

Apart from all the baseball and Ford assembly line stuff, pretty sure Bruce Springsteen was talking about me when he sang Glory Days.

I guess it's hard not to note the CDs and messy bed

Wednesday, January 18

Who Are You Dressing For?

So here it is. The controversial outfit I wore to the baseball last time we went (and by last time, I mean the time before the last. So I guess, last, last time. The first time we went this season. Which was in the very last days of last year. You know what? It's probably easier to leave it as it is...)

Now you're probably thinking, "What's so controversial about that?" And if you've been following me since the start you'll definitely be thinking, "Come on now Selise, I've seen you in FAR crazier outfits." 

So what gives?

Well I'll tell you just what, "gives".

I took some time putting this outfit together (the pictures don't really do it justice and I only got the 2. For an idea of how bright the shirt is check it out in this post. I don't have any other pictures of the skirt but trust me, it's on the same level). 

  • A brown "Brisbane Bandits" bandana tied around my head, kerchief style.
  • Bright purple customised zombie shirt
  • Equally bright orange high waisted skirt
  • Paired with a studded belt and leather, buckle up chuck taylor style shoes
  • Finished off with the perfect cat's eye 

I was so happy with my outfit, I skipped down the stairs and presented my self to The Man, as I often do.

Usually he'll say something like, "cute!" or, "rad!" but this time he was just silent. For a really long time (or I guess, what felt like a really long time). And then eventually he said he didn't like it. 

Now the thing is. I don't dress for his approval. Or ask his permission to wear anything. But (and I'm sure you can relate) it always feels good to know my husband likes my outfit. He's proud of his wife and happy to walk down the street next to whatever ensemble she happens to be rocking.

So the "I don't like it" thing kinda put me in a tailspin of sorts. See, he wasn't being harsh or rude. He didn't say it to make me feel bad about myself. He just gave me his honest opinion, which I always ask for.

The thing is though. I liked the outfit! I felt really good in it. I liked the overall vibe and it was comfortable too.

Now I was faced with a conundrum...what do I do?

Do I change into something else? Something he likes but I don't feel so good in? Do I wear this outfit knowing he doesn't like it?

I made my way back upstairs and stood in front of our full length mirror for a good 5 minutes. I turned this way and that. I sat down on the bed and really thought, "Does it actually bother me what he thinks?

And then I came to the conclusion... 

...no, it doesn't. 

Cuz the thing is, I've been dressing for myself for years. Before I met him, I dressed however I pleased. In fact, the night we met I was wearing a black band t-shirt, tight 3/4, cinched leg cargo pants with a pair of black satin boxer shorts with a white trim over the top (they were a super cute shape - I often used to rock them with fishnets) and my tan, worn cowboy boots.

I've never cared what anyone thought about my outfits and that moment upstairs in the bedroom I had to decide if that had changed. 

And the answer is a resounding, "Nope!"  

I traipsed back downstairs, told him I liked the outfit and was going to wear it, got in a cab and had a fantastic time at the baseball.

And you know what? Just before we left the house he leaned over and said, "Actually, it's kinda growing on me". I, of course, smiled knowingly.

Bandana: Brisbane Bandits
Tshirt: Gift - customised
Belt: Myer
Skirt: Temt
Shoes: Wittner 

Monday, January 16

Take Me Out To The Ballgame

We watched the Brisbane Bandits play at the RNA on Friday night (after stopping in at the pub to watch the end of the first day of the cricket - which is where this photo was taken. At the pub, not at the cricket. That was in WA and they've decommissioned the Concorde y'know).

I tell ya, there's never a bad night there. And when they win (like they did on Friday) it's even better!

After getting into it last year, we try and take in as many games as we can. Which, this season, was actually only two... But y'know, once we're there we squeeze as much out of it as possible, trust me.

There's something about sitting in the grandstand, wide open night sky ahead of you, friends on either side; over-priced beer and a chanting crowd. Yep, take me out any day.

STAY TUNED NEXT POST! Discover the controversial outfit I wore to the last game...

Necklace: I made it from a skull bead (gift) and some wire
Top: Cut off this dress from Cruise
Dress: David Jones
Hair clip: (totally facing the wrong way in all pictures) Reject Shop
Bracelets: Well I customised the pearl rosary beads to wear for our wedding and the chain bracelet is by Lennebelle via Not Another Bill
Rings: Lovisa, Urban Outfitters and Santos Wish
Shoes: Some store at Fisherman's Wharf

Wednesday, January 11

That Time I Was An Elf

I've got a few outfit posts to catch up on from the holidays. So prepare to step backward and forward in time over the next week or so (Forward in time? Rad! I wonder what one wears to drive a hover-car?)

We went up the mountain to Montville in the week leading up to Christmas.

It's just gorgeous up there. So lush and green.

Which can probably be attributed to the fact it rains almost every time I'm there. It's a cool, foggy, rain and the whole place gets this ethereal feeling. It's pretty fantastic.

What else is fantastic? Buying more presents for yourself than for anyone else while you're up there. 

Oops. Bad Elf.

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Broach worn in hair: Gift
Dress: ModCloth
Bag: Myer
Socks: Gift
Shoes: Children Of The Revolution

Monday, January 9

What A Screamer

There's a couple of ways I can go with this:

a) It was screaming hot yesterday (and set to be even hotter today. Great, just... great)

b) I may have set off a car alarm, with my scream... 

Cuz, see, what happened was... We were all hanging out in the park for a belated birthday do, right?

After a while the sun went down, as is usually the fashion. And we decided. "Ah-ha! What a perfect time to record some zombie noises".

See, Sophie has this assignment in which she has to provide the soundtrack for a zombie video game. And she needed some screams.

I immediately set about "sound styling"; moving Sophie and "the talent" to the middle of the dry, over-grown field, flanked by the brown, murky river in the pitch black - you know, so the story of how they recorded it would sound extra awesome (it totally does, doesn't it?)

I wasn't entirely confident I could scream on cue. But then, in between the boys' best David Lee Roth impressions I let loose this absolute blood-curdler that actually set off a car alarm - across the river. Not to mention had the local residents running to their decks, flicking the lights on and craning their necks, looking worriedly into the park. 

We had to do 2 takes, to make sure we got the best possible result. And I actually felt pretty bad for worrying the neighbours. Someone said it was, "A scream that would definitely get the cops called." Well, if they were called, they never showed. 

And if they had've - it sure would have added to the story...

Hat: Was Mum's
Necklaces: Gifts
Shirt: Gift
Dress: David Jones
Ring: Lovisa
Shorts: Target
Shoes: HYPE

Wednesday, January 4

Cheers, Two Years!

Well, would you look at that? Today marks 2 years since I started this blog.

Shall we retrospect just a little? Yes, let's.

I remember being absolutely terrified when I started Lovers, Saints & Sailors. I'd wanted to start a style blog for a good 2 years before I actually did. So when the big moment came, and I hit "publish"... yeah, it was pretty exciting. 

A little while later I got my first comment and freaked out. How did they find me? Look! Look! Someone I don't even know, on the other side of the world, has commented on something I'm wearing! It was awesome.

Bit by bit my followers grew and today I have 81! Thank you so much, to each and every one of you. A little thing like clicking "follow" might not take much but it sure means a whole helluva lot to me. 

A lot has changed in 2 years. But then, it always does. Hell, a lot can change in a month. 

The biggest, most mind-blowing thing to come out of creating Lovers, Saints & Sailors was the fact that, within my first year, it allowed me to quit my job and work full time as a writer. Incredible. I still shake my head pretty much every day. I am so lucky.

When this all started, back on January 4 2010, I was working full time in the City. I posted 5 days a week and never wore the same outfit twice. I shopped a lot, happily spending hours in the sales racks. 

Last year I cut back to posting once or twice a week. I was working from home (as I still do), shopping less (a lot less) and not always wearing something that I wanted to post on the blog.

Who knows what this year holds? I know better than to make plans...

Listen, whatever happens, there's a good chance it will involve skulls, print mixing and The Breakfast Club. 

Thanks again for being part of the ride. Now, who wants to help me celebrate? Drinks are on me.

Top: Valley Girl
Dress: Dangerfield
Badges: Polka Dot Bunny
Shoes: Target