Monday, August 29

Brotherly Love

This was his "pondering" pose.
This is my little brother. We got to hang out all day on Saturday. Epic win.

For my birthday back in April he said he'd take me to Eumundi Markets. I swear to god, he always gets me the absolute coolest presents and this time he decided to show me where he finds them (plus let me pick whatever I liked - hell yeah!). 

4 months later...and we finally both had a Saturday free (even though he worked the graveyard shift at the casino the night before and only got a couple (literally) of hours sleep).

Guys, I had the best time ever! I even won money on the pokies which never happens - I swear he's a good luck charm.

After the markets we took an impromptu trip up to Montville. Driving in the crazy fog, singing along to old tunes and very nearly running out of petrol.

This was his Statue of Liberty pose
Thanks for a super fantastic birthday Shortman, I love you heaps!!

Friday, August 26

Life Is A Picnic

Last week The Man took a day off work and surprised me with a picnic.

We didn't bring any food and ended up at the Breakfast Creek Hotel beer garden across the road but still, it was one of my favourite picnics.

Sunshine, green grass, beautiful views of the river. And getting to hang out with The Man on a school day - I loved it!

Cardigan: Witchery
Dress: Cue
Belt: Valley Girl
Ring: Diva
Bag: Gift
Vintage tablecloth: Fernvale Markets

Monday, August 22

How To Talk To The Boys Of Summer

So...I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear this outfit every day, forever. Only, I'm not wearing it right now. So,then, I guess I'll wear it a lot alright? OK.

This is what I rocked at Robba & Skentie's engagement party on Saturday night. The floral dress I had in mind didn't work out so I spent hours at Chermside only to wear something I already owned. Which is cool.

You know I actually planned this outfit way back when we lived at the old apartment. One night I was feeling particularly inspired and wrote a bunch of outfit combinations down on the back of a blue index card. This being one of them.

Of course I didn't know about my Cherry Red Doc Martens then. I actually said to Luke before we left for the party that I felt bad for my other Docs. They're not getting much of a look in at the moment. The Cherry Red is just so flattering on my skin colour...of super pale. Heh. But it's OK, we had a chat, I'll take them out for a spin soon.

So I think you should know - I had 2 themes/songs in mind when I got dressed. How Do You Talk To An Angel by The Heights (though when do I not get dressed with that in mind...). And Boys of Summer by Don Henley. I went with a strong lip/eye make up combo a la 1980's - hello fuchsia YSL lipstick!

All in all it was a fantastic night (congratulations again guys!) and I'm stoked to have found a new favourite outfit. Yay everything!

P.S I know I said I was going to share my 3rd exciting thing with you last week but...I can't just yet! I'm so sorry. Patience is not one of my virtues and I kinda jumped the gun. I promise it's coming soon and I double promise it'll totally be worth the wait!

Jacket: Was Mum's
Dress: Myer
Bangle: Lovisa
Slip: Was Mum's
Boots: Gift

Thursday, August 18

See? See How It Could Have Been?

I braved my Docs again yesterday. I love them! I do! They just happen to give me monster blisters.

But I've conferred with fellow Doc owners and the general consensus is to "suck it up" for a month of blisters and bleeding (this never happened with my other pair) and you'll be rewarded with happy days forever.

I can do this!

Besides, I want to wear them to an engagement party on Saturday (you best believe I'm rocking the floral dress and Doc Marten combo) and I figured I should do a little more breaking in before then.

So, remember how I said I've wanted Cherry Red Doc Martens for, like, my whole life? Well I decided yesterday to re-enact an outfit I would have worn in high school, if I'd had these wonderful shoes.

Totally cool, right? I know. I definitely would have wanted to hang out with me.

Now to re-enact one with torn jeans, flannel and a Kurt Cobain shirt.

Hmmm...perhaps the floral dress and Docs combo for the engagement party just got bumped...

Hair clip: Reject Shop
Cardigan: Cotton On
Dress: Retro Star
Boots: Gift
Bag: Amazon

Wednesday, August 17

Welcome Home

Over at Apartment Therapy (which I love by the way. I also love their sister site The Kitchn.) They've been talking about appreciating your home. Or, rediscovering it, I guess.

I'm itching to do a little re-decorating come Spring. But in the meantime it was nice to take a look around and see our little home with new eyes.

If you look real'll see a glow in the dark skeleton hanging from the light switch

Monday, August 15

Exciting News Everyone!

Did you read that title in Professor Farnsworth's voice? Because I totally heard it in my head that way as I wrote it.

Alright. Exciting things are afoot. 3 exciting things actually. Let me lay them on you.

Exciting Thing Number One: I drove to the shopping centre on the weekend! OK, I understand this is only exciting in context. The context being that I am currently learning to drive and this is the first time in my life that I've actually driven to the store. This is exciting. This also brings us to...

Exciting Thing Number Two: I bought a sweet ass jacket from Myer. That was reduced from $100 to $40 and is perfect for wearing to, oh I dunno, somewhere like...AMERICA! Which is where we're going in approximately 73 days. Totally not even ashamed to admit that I downloaded a count down app to document the process.

We'll be there for a little under 2 weeks. Santa Cruz, San Francisco and Seattle. Aww yeah!

And now to Exciting Thing Number Three: OK, straight up this is exciting on a level that I didn't even know existed. A simultaneous laugh and cry excitement that made for some interesting people watching if you happened to be one of the people watching me at the train station when I found out. And now here's the kicker. I can't tell you what it is! YET! I can tell you this week though. So here's what I need you to do...

Keep coming back throughout the week. I promise I'll share this with you as soon as I can. But there's an added bonus...

What's that you say? Well, to celebrate I'm thinking of hosting a give away. I had so much fun with the last one - I wanna do it again! So what I need you guys to do leave a comment telling me if you're keen, and what kind of thing you'd like me to give away (let's be sensible kids...I'm not made of gold flakes and Chandon). If I get enough people wanting to participate by Wednesday then I'll announce it on Friday and we can all be excited together. Yay!

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Shirt: Cotton On
Top: Myer
Skirt: Myer
Jewellery: Lovisa
Tights: ?
Shoes: Were Mum's

Thursday, August 11

Holding Out

All through autumn and winter, all I wanted was to wear a sweater over a dress. 

I bought plenty of dresses, sleeveless too, just begging to be covered.

But nothing worked. The silhouette was all wrong. All of my sweaters were too long or too bulky or too...just not right.


Mum was going through her wardrobe and decided to pass this little guy on to me. And he's perfect! He is! He's just what I've been looking for!

Plus he's light enough to carry over into spring.

Oh! This is the first picture where you've really been able to see the pink and orange in my hair (and a hair clip I made peeking out).

Take a good look...cuz I'll be cutting it all off at the end of the month!

Hair Clip: I made 'em
Sweater: Was Mum's
Dress: Valley Girl
Belt: Myer
Shoes: City Beach

Wednesday, August 10

Poop & Goon: Why Innspire Rocked My World

So, I like beer. You know, a lot. And last month me and 5 members of the gang got to take a tour of Innspire. But not just any tour. The very first tour. Ever. EVER guys! It was pretty special and pretty freakin' tasty.

I wrote about it here. You should read about it. And visit Innspire if you can. Tell 'em I say hi.

Monday, August 8

Carnation & Chrysanthemum

A carnation and a chrysanthemum in an old vinegar bottle on my desk. Little things make me happy.

Thursday, August 4

Skulls For The Win!

I've been painting. Or rather, defacing. I've had this print of Jesus & Mary for a while (I'm pretty into my religious paraphernaelia. Not religious myself, just like their merch) but it's been gathering dust in the garage.

I had the idea to find a graffiti artist to go to town on it and then thought..."What they hey? Why not give it a whirl myself". So I did. And now Skull Jesus and Skull Mary have prime position in our guest room. Wanna come stay?