Wednesday, June 30

Second Chances

This dress sure is getting a lot of attention considering I was ready to give it to Goodwill. Who would have thought a blue dress could be so versatile? Knowing that I can wear it layered this way just opens it up to so many more possibilities.

So my hair is straight again today. It got too late to wash it last night so I thought I’d try a style that I’ve always admired on straight haired gals. The Heidi look. The plaits only just reach but it’s so much fun. Desire satisfied, now back to curls.

It’s all a bit school girl today isn’t it? It wasn’t necessarily the plan but I’m not going to fight it. I am super warm and comfy and that definitely appeals on a day like today. Rainy and grey, my two favourite weather words. I’m quite partial to “storm”, “thunder” and “lightening” too. Unfortunately I won’t be seeing those words again until the start of Summer. Maybe Spring if we’re lucky. In the mean time I am more than happy to look out on a cold, grey, rainy city. Lord knows it’s all I wish for in the warmer months.

Cardigan: Myer
Badge: Polka Dot Rabbit
Dress: Melrose Ave
Singlet: Was Mum’s
Skirt: Target
Tights: ?
Socks: Myer
Shoes: Chemist

Tuesday, June 29

New! And Improved!

Before we get down to today’s outfit I want to draw attention to my incomprehensibly rad new logo which was created by the super talented Scott. You all know how I feel about skulls (and if you didn’t, now you do) and being that they are Scott’s specialty it was a perfect match. I am so, so happy with what he’s done. He’s talented, fast and an absolute gem to work with. If any of you are looking to get any work done I cannot recommend him highly enough. You can find more of his work here.

Now to our regular programming… Check it out, straight hair. I had a request from a couple of people at work and hey, I aim to please. I honestly do this 3, maybe 4 times a year? It takes forever and it’s weird but having my hair straight changes my personality. I feel too contained. That’s strange, right? Oddly enough I don’t feel weird with it straight today though. I guess there’s always an exception to the rule.

I feel like a Mexican gunslinger today. Do you guys see that? It’s in the accessories. Speaking of accessories. These are my 3rd pair of polka dot stockings. The first ones from Target tore a while back so I replaced them with a better quality pair from Sportsgirl which tore while I was at work today. Bastards! So I went back to Sportsgirl to give it another try. I just love the pattern so much, I can’t do without them.

I had my Westwood shoes on with them originally but once I took the stockings off after they tore, the shoes rubbed too much. And by the grace of god I found these sweet-ass tuxedo brogues in Target while looking for stockings. On sale too thank you very much.

So I have a new logo, new stockings, new shoes, and new thermals for our trip. PLUS my new super, super, super, SUPER cool necklace arrived! All in all, I’d say that is a pretty good day. Plus The Man and I are going on a date to Cold Rock tonight. Seriously, could things get any better?

Necklaces: Gifts
Top: Tightrope
Vest: Igedo
Belt: Kmart
Ring: Diva
Skirt: Was Mum’s
Stockings: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Target
Arm warmers: Gift

Monday, June 28

Stepping Out

I found mustard socks! Oh happy day. I wasn’t happy when I found a rather prominent green dot on one this morning though. I thought that this would be the first and last time I wore them because, yes, I am that fickle. Turns out the green dot was actually a random green thread. And those little brown dots? Freckles. Crisis averted.

It was real cold this morning. Oooh mama. It was tough to get out of bed. The lure of 2 mustard pieces in one outfit was pretty strong though and I made it out. It’s supposed to be cold all week. Hooray! Then we’re heading down south for a long weekend where it will be even colder. Hooray again!

I’ll be sure and take pictures of the trip. There’s something about being an out of towner that makes it fine to take copious amounts of photos. I’m still super self-conscious of people seeing me take blog photos around here so hopefully I’ll throw caution to the wind down there. Is anyone else shy like this? I mean it's weird, shy is not a word that people would usually use to describe me.

Shirt: Thrifted
Dress: Was Mum’s
Badge: Gift 
Belt: Myer 
Watch: Free, customised 
Socks: Myer 
Shoes: Big W

Friday, June 25

What a Life

On the way home from work earlier this week I found myself chuckling quietly on the train. The thought had just occurred to me that here I was, on the train with my husband heading home to our awesome apartment, listening to Carole King on my iPhone.

In times like that I can't help but think of my 15 year old self. What she'd think of the situation. Of the life that I am living. She was a strong, opinionated girl that held true to her principles. I have absolute respect for her and her cardigans, torn jeans and chipped nail polish.

I think that she would be happy. I think she would be amazed but deeply impressed that I married a wonderful, gorgeous, kind, intelligent and funny, funny man. She would have loved the evening that we spent people watching in the city over a couple of drinks.

And she definitely would have been amused at the fact that I was used as a model in the workplace today. The office has recently been refurbished and they want to show it off in a few publications so Boozeman and I, along with a couple of other staff members smiled and pretended to drink tea and look very intently at our computer screens for a good portion of the day.

It was hilarious. Though the funniest thing to me was that they asked me to do it dressed the way that I am today. Doc Martens with that old sticker peeling off the side, corsage made from a studded cuff and flower pin, wild hair and a party dress. I can just see that 15 year old girl grinning wryly. 

Necklace: Diva
Dress: Tightrope
Corsage: Pin from Diva, Cuff - Gift
Stockings: Myer
Shoes: Thrifted

Thursday, June 24

The Mayor

Greetings Comfort Town. It is I, your mayor. What’s that you say? You wish I’d spend more time here? Oh so do I! But you know, Mayoral duties require me to visit other districts as a gesture of good will. Rest assured that whenever I am visiting places such as I-know-but-it-looks-really-cutesville or San-I-don’t-have-to-walk-very-far-anyway, I have you in my heart. And mind. And soles of my feet.

Speaking of red haired, female, Western Bulldog fans in a position of power, ladies and gentlemen I present to you Julia Gillard. Australia’s first female Prime Minister. As I’m sure you can appreciate, this is an exciting development in our political history. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a downer, I am of the general belief that what will happen will happen regardless of who holds the title of being “in charge” of a country. Let’s hope Julia isn’t easily swayed and meant it when she said "I would defy anyone to analyse my political career and to suggest on any day I have done anything other than make up my own mind." I have faith, we rangas sure are stubborn.

In other news, Boozeman and I wore the same tights to work today. It was unintentional. Though it has got me thinking. Maybe she’s hired a PI to spy on me in a bid to overthrow my position of Mayor in a bloodless coup…

Hair clip: Gift
Necklace: Markets
Cardigan: Was Mum’s
Shirt: Valley Girl
Skirt: Witchery
Rings: Markets and gift
Tights: Myer
Shoes: Chemist

Wednesday, June 23

In Which I Am Not Sensible

I’m going to say this here because then maybe it will sink in. Ok, listen up self. It is cold outside and it’s going to get colder. It is winter and only the first month. STOP planning outfits that do not involve tights. Yes those knee high socks are cute with your wedges but unless you’re wearing fleece undies they’re not getting a spin by themselves. Got it? Good.

Onto other things, do you think different colours provide more or less warmth? I know that black absorbs the sun and therefore it is warmer but I mean overall. Wearing Autumnal colours makes me feel like I should be warmer. I don’t know if I actually am but psychologically I feel like I’d be warmer than if I was wearing white. Um. Did I just lose the plot?

Quick, talk about something sensible! Uh, these hair pins are pretty.

Hair pins: Seven Blueberries Jewellery
Cardigan: SES Fashion
Necklaces: Markets and gift
Dress: Cotton On
Boot strap worn as arm decoration.
Belt: Myer
Tights: Target
Shoes: City Beach

Tuesday, June 22

Dotty and the Spots

I didn’t initially plan for this to be quite so spotty. But hey, sometimes you’ve just gotta go with it. I kind of feel like Kirtsty Alley in Look Who’s Talking today. I think she wore a bow in her hair at some point. Why I feel like it today more than any other day that I wear a bow in my hair, I don’t know. I’m not opposed to the feeling; I loved the movie as a kid. Kirsty Alley was gorgeous in that film. And John Travolta was pretty fine himself.

Originally I had this outfit planned with white ankle socks but you know what? It’s cold out there. So, hooray for navy tights that I bought last year because they were on super, super sale but only wore once or twice. And thank you blog for giving me the opportunity and confidence to wear navy tights. I can already think of 3 other things to wear them with. Plus, they’re really comfy. And warm. Ok, this may have just become an ode to my $2.80 (or close to it) tights.

I found the most amazing necklace this morning on my way to work. I simply must have it. You know that it’s love when you tell yourself that you will pay anything for it. Anything. Well, not really anything but you set the limit a helluva lot higher than you ever do even with a pair of shoes or a bag or multiple items of clothing bought in one purchase. We’re talking L-O-V-E. I’ll share once I’ve made it mine. Oh and it will be mine. Oh yes, it will be mine.

Head scarf: Myer
Hair pins: Markets
Necklace: Markets
Cardigan: Witchery
Dress: Cotton On
Singlet: Target
Belt: Cotton On
Tights: Target
Shoes: Novo

Monday, June 21

The Colour and the Shape

So I’m thinking 1980’s Middle American girl working behind the cosmetics counter at Wallmart. Yeah? The floral challenge ended on Friday, I know. I told you I still had plenty left over. Actually I have a feeling that I had these same leggings as a kid. Only they were bike shorts. But it’s definitely the same pattern.

How cute is this bow? I love grey marle. It’s a really good shape too. I mean, it’s bow shaped, I know. But it’s a good size and it sits up well.

Not much else to share other than that. You’ll have to excuse me. I am currently battling a post-lunch-food-coma bought on by the most delicious left over lasagne in the world. No fooling. It was amazing. OK, I think I’ll call it a day here before I say something about cheese that I’ll regret.

Headband: Cotton On
Necklace: Mervyn’s
Cardigan: SES Fashion
Dress: Melrose Ave
Belt: Myer
Singlet: ?
Leggings: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi

Friday, June 18

Friday Flowers

Today is a good day. It’s Friday. I got an early mark for staying back last night. The Man and I are going on a date tonight and I am wearing an outfit full of my favourite things. For those of you that don’t know, I am a grunge baby through and through. So when I saw this floral dress I just had to have it. She has a sister with a big floral print that you saw on Wednesday and still another sister with a similar fine print but in black that will debut on here soon enough. The 4th sister is the black sheep of the family in navy with white polka dots. But I digress.

I just thought of everything that I loved as an angsty 13-17 year old when I got dressed this morning. Floral dress? Check. Slip showing? Check. Army green oversized cardigan? Check. Brown, interesting tights? Check. The brown belt and brogues influence is from more recent years and I’m happy to think that they all work together in perfect harmony somewhat like a hippy commune.

Ideally I would have swapped the tights and brogues out for torn jeans and Doc Martens. It is casual Friday after all. Somehow I don’t think they’re quite ready for it around the office. I put them through a lot as it is.

The floral challenge ends today. I’ve worn floral every work day this week and I still have a bunch left over. It got me thinking about challenges though. It’s been fun and Boozeman and I have been throwing ideas around for the next one. So far I’m thinking either “Things Mum Used to Wear” or “Things I Wore as a Child”. What do you think guys? I’d love to hear your suggestions.

Cardigan: Myer
Necklace: Sportgirl
Dress: Cotton On
Belt: Myer
Tights: The Gap
Shoes: City Beach

Thursday, June 17

Business is Blooming

Friends, I present “conservative floral” for your viewing pleasure. You can't really tell in the pictures but this shirt is covered in little pink and yellow roses. The badge is a vintage cross-stitch flower and I have a giant flower pin in my hair.  I’m a bit chuffed at pulling this one off. Sure, knee high socks and pink Mary Janes might not be every body’s idea of work-conservative but hey, it works for me.

I’m in the wars a bit today. My eyes are playing up again. Ugh. You know it’s bad when you inadvertently colour match your shoes to your eyes. The whites of your eyes. And your shoes aren’t white. Speaking of white, these cute little socks were fresh out of their packet this morning and I’ve managed to get matching black scuff marks across the top of both of them. And spill tea on one too! The latest instalment in my “wars” series is an epic, 3 tier paper cut on my thumb. Oh yeah when I work, I work hard.

As an aside when I was little (who am I kidding, all the way up until my mid twenties) I thought the saying was “In the walls”. I mean, it makes sense! You know, knocking into the walls and stuff. Right? Right guys?

Flower in hair: Diva
Shirt: Abercrombie & Fitch
Dress: Was Mum’s
Badge: Polka Dot Rabbit
Belt: Cue
Socks: Myer
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, June 16

Full Force Floral

Day 2 of the week of floral challenge. People I've told about the challenge so far have all reacted pretty much the same way. Which is exclaiming in astonishment, "you have that much floral?!" Friends, not only do I have enough floral to sustain 4 days worth of outfits, I have enough to combine in an outfit like this and still have leftovers.

The real challenge, as I mentioned yesterday, will be tomorrow when I have a srs bzns meeting as well as a work event. How to tackle the conservative floral. Hmmm.

I got this dress on the weekend in the same haul as yesterday's dress. I like the length and the style but the black of the print looks a little old and washed out. We'll see how it actually goes after a couple of washes. I liked it with these tights though.

Details, details...

Hair pins: Diva
Monacle: Gift
Cardigan: Gift
Dress: Cotton On
Belt: Valley Girl
Leggings: Valley Girl
Bangles: Tree of Life?
Shoes: Tightrope

Tuesday, June 15

What Happened

Gang, I’ve gotta level with you. Friday’s outfit was really something. But I didn’t manage to get any pictures. Well that’s not true. I got one blurry one that doesn’t really show the outfit at all on my iPhone on the way to work. And there were actually a bunch of photos taken throughout the day because one of the guys at work was leaving but they are definitely not blog type photos. No, they’re not me boozing it up and having a great time, I’d share them with you guys for sure. They’re more of the “I have a giant white napkin tucked into my top so I don’t spill this delicious pizza all over my white skull scarf” variety.

Here’s the blurry one. I know, right? Such a bummer. We went to see Sex and the City for a charity event on Friday night so it had to be a special outfit. I don’t know why I even put the effort in to be honest. I’m not going to tell you everything that I thought of the movie but I will tell you that I felt betrayed and insulted.

Moving on. Saturday night we celebrated Boozeman’s birthday and then went to watch Cog in which many are touting as their last show. This outfit felt so very “I have a style blog”. Do you know what I mean by that? I loved it but guys, I’m wearing a knit top tucked into high waisted shorts with lace stockings and oxfords. AND I have a neckerchief. Hehe.

I picked up this dress on the weekend. She came with friends that I’ll introduce you all to soon. I’ve set myself a challenge of wearing floral to work every day this week. See? The thing about putting it on the blog means that I’m accountable now. I’ve just remembered that I have a work event on Thursday night though so I’ll have to be crafty in how I execute that particular outfit. Stay tuned.

Today’s outfit:

Shirt: Myer
Dress: Cotton On
Necklace: Gift
Belt: Myer
Tights: ?
Boots: Myer

Friday outfit:

Jacket: Hand me down
Scarf: Dotti
Shirt: Tigerlily
Undershirt: Myer
Gloves: Sportsgirl
Dress worn as skirt: Was Mum’s
Socks: Gift
Necklace worn as bracelet: Diva
Boots: Thrifted

Saturday outfit:

Cardigan: SES Fashion
Top: Myer
Neckerchief: Thrifted
Shorts: Myer
Stockings: Myer
Shoes: City Beach
Bag: Strandbags

Thursday, June 10

We Sail The Seas

Sometimes it all just works doesn’t it? I am happy with every single element of this outfit. Except maybe my hair, which is being weird. But hey, let’s not create problems that aren’t really there.

This outfit was borne from another divine moment of washing basket inspiration. The shirt and skirt were lying side by side. How could I not wear them together? Stripes and checks, yes please. A light scarf to keep my neck safe from chills and my new velour shoes completed the look.

I love this skirt pulled up into a paper bag waist. I’ve never worn it like this before and while I’ve always liked it I feel like it’s been somewhat reinvented into a new style here. As I’ve said before, I’m not a huge fan of high waisted skirts, I just don’t think they work for me. I may just have changed my mind with this one. I feel like a 7 year old French sailor.

Bow: Junk shop, customised by Lovers, Saints & Sailors
Scarf: Rubi
Shirt: Tightrope
Belt: Kmart
Skirt: Target
Ring: Diva
Tights: ?
Shoes: Tightrope

Wednesday, June 9

Take it Easy

I feel very 70’s festival-goer meets corporate worker today. It’s like it’s party at the top and business at the bottom. This dress is absolutely gorgeous and I’d love to wear it more often but it’s a bit of an awkward length for work. So I decided to tuck it into a skirt and sport it as a top today.

The cut out embroidery on the vest works really well with the details of the dress/top. I threw a few stitches in this morning to keep it together and I was set. Overall I like the idea of it but I’m not sure if I’m completely convinced. I very rarely wear things tucked in (I’m still a high school rebel) so it cuts a figure a little different than I’m used to.

My belt is absolutely destroyed as you can see. It’s so versatile though because I can use it as a waist belt and also down low. I found an absolutely GORGEOUS belt today to replace it. I fell in love and bought it immediately. The only problem is it will only do for a waist belt. Oh well, I suppose that means I’ll just need to get another new one for the hips. Ow, ow! Stop twisting my arm!

Vest: Kmart, customised by Lovers, Saints & Sailors
Dress: Gift
Flower: Diva
Belt: Was Mum’s
Bracelet: ?
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Rubi