Thursday, December 29

And So It Was Christmas

Another year over... shall I keep quoting the song? (Or misquoting the song more to the point.)

Christmas Day came and went. It was nice and chilled. 

Good food. Good peeps. Super rad presents. 

I don't like to play favourites, and this year was certainly hard, but my new Breakfast Club T shirt? Favourite. Expect to see it soon.

I hope whatever you did that day, made you smile. 

Come to think of it, I hope whatever you do every day makes you smile.

Cheesy? Good.

Scarf: Gift (Thanks Catherine!!)
Dress: Modcloth
Belt: Myer

Monday, December 26

Happy Boxing Day!

After all the mad dashing around in the lead up to Christmas, there really is nothing like:

  1. Kicking back on the couch
  2. Drinking beer
  3. Watching the cricket
  4. Listening to the dulcet tones of Richie Benaud
  5. Nomming on leftovers
  6. Enjoying a wee kip on said couch while listening to said Richie after nomming said leftovers and drinking said beer during said cricket

I hope you're doing at least one, if not all of these things today.

Headscarf: gift
Top: Tigerlily
Shorts: David Jones
Beer: Cellarbrations at The Grange

Tuesday, December 20

The Truth Behind My Exciting News

As if I could!
This sits on my desk.
For those of you who've been following for a while. And for those who haven't but who maybe dug through the archive. And, well, for anyone that's reading right now...'s time I came clean.

Back in August I posted about some super exciting news. I called the post, "Exciting News Everyone" (Professor Farnsworth voice intended), and talked about learning to drive, our upcoming trip to America and a third, mystery exciting thing that I promised I'd reveal in the next week or so.

Only, for reasons beyond my control, I never revealed it.

Here's what happened:

Back in the beginning of August I was offered a position as Contributing Editor for a shopping/style/fashion site. 

I was sitting at the train station waiting to head into the City when I checked my emails on my phone. There on that little screen I read, and re-read the words: 

"We'd love to welcome you onboard to our editorial team as a contributing editor"

I called my Mum. I called my Husband. I cried a little. 

The new platform was to be launched in August. I'd be paid to write 2 articles a month. This. Was. AWESOME!

I couldn't wait to share it all with you guys. So in the lead up to the launch date I dropped some hints but then...the site didn't launch when it was originally scheduled to.

And then it didn't launch the next month. Or the next. Or the next. Or even now.

Before we go any further I want to make something clear. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these guys. We have a fantastic relationship and the site not going live must have been 100 times more excruciating for them than it was for me. Ultimately, it was beyond even their control. I got paid for the work I did and should the opportunity arise, I'd write for them again in a second.

The reason I'm writing about this all is, well actually there are 2 reasons:

One - I felt like a complete schmuck for being all, "Something super exciting is happening! Stay tuned! For reals it's awesome! Yay! I'll tell you in a sec..." And then not being able to deliver. I was going off the timeline given when I signed the contract. And I promise, when the site does eventually go live, I'll share it. I'll shout it from the proverbial rooftop.

And number 2 - You should totally hire me! What I mean by that is: I'm a copywriter. My day job is writing copy for a huge variety of clients across a pretty limitless number of industries. And the thing is, writing about something as close to my heart as style and clothes and personal expression and The Breakfast Club (oh yeah baby, I wrote about it) was just...well it was straight up swell. And I want to do more of it!

So if you've got a project you'd like to discuss, hit me up at loverssaintsandsailors (at) gmail (dot) com

And we can make sweet movie references together.

Tuesday, December 13

Got Some Kick


I know, right? I sure dyed my hair.

It's all pink and yellow and bright. And inspired my friend, Small, to say, "Wow!! I want that hair made into a frozen drink so I can drink it! It looks delicious!"

To which I replied, "Thanks dude. Maybe I'll stick an umbrella in there at some point."

Which, you know, isn't beyond me. I mean I've stuck coat hangers and bamboo skewers and all manner of things in there before.

But not chillies. 

That's just silly.

Bow: Refashioned bow tie from a junk shop
Dress: David Jones
Bangle: Ballantynes
Ring: Lovisa
Shoes: Gift
Chillies: Our back yard

Thursday, December 8

Second Winter

Brisbane has been experiencing some unseasonably cold weather recently.

But I'm not complaining. Cold is my favourite! Along with grey and wet. Which have also featured in the forecast the last few days.

And you know what? If you're gonna be sick (which I still am, boo), it's better to be sick in the cold than in the heat.

Because there are few things worse than sneezing when it's 37 degrees out. (That's 98.6 fahrenheit. I feel like a cook book.)

Hair thing: Was Mum's
Cardigan: Cotton On
Shirt: Cotton On
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Socks: Mum's (thanks for the loan Mum!)

Tuesday, December 6

Brown and Out

More pictures from my time machine. 

I can assure you, these aren't from the present. Because the present me is wearing daggy jeans, The Man's comfy old T shirt and has a box of tissues surgically attached to her face.

Only, we're out of tissues. So now it's a toilet roll. And sure it's 3 ply, double length...but try telling that to my nose! Ugh.

Anyway back when these pictures were taken, I wasn't sick. I was foot loose and fancy free. I was bright eyed and bushy tailed and pretty much every other cliche that isn't "sick as a brown dog".

Although I was wearing a lot of brown...Perhaps the Universe thought I was mocking it and saw to exact it's revenge!

Or perhaps all this sniffing and sneezing and coughing is clouding my thought process. I'll let you decide...

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Dress: ModCloth
Bag: Ross
Shoes: Nordstrom
Ring: Urban Outfitters