Tuesday, December 13

Got Some Kick


I know, right? I sure dyed my hair.

It's all pink and yellow and bright. And inspired my friend, Small, to say, "Wow!! I want that hair made into a frozen drink so I can drink it! It looks delicious!"

To which I replied, "Thanks dude. Maybe I'll stick an umbrella in there at some point."

Which, you know, isn't beyond me. I mean I've stuck coat hangers and bamboo skewers and all manner of things in there before.

But not chillies. 

That's just silly.

Bow: Refashioned bow tie from a junk shop
Dress: David Jones
Bangle: Ballantynes
Ring: Lovisa
Shoes: Gift
Chillies: Our back yard


  1. LOVE your face, hair, clothes, boots, chillis, blog and garden!

    You make it possible to believe that we can live a magical, colourful life simply by being brave enough to be ourselves and to have fun and follow our passion and live out loud and FREE :)

    Thank you beautiful girl xxxx

  2. Wow! Fierce hair!
    Love your new color, very edgy!
    it really suits you!


  3. the colour is fantastic! I think the umbrella thing would actually look kinda cool!

  4. OMG! You hair is so awesome! I want to add some pink highlights to hair, it'd be awesome.

    BTW, love the Doc's. I wish I had red ones, although my black ones are entirely satisfactory as well.

  5. ive always wanted to dye my hair a crazy color.
    thanks for commenting on my article on yes & yes!

  6. Your hair is rad. I just got this gray streak in my hair and I'm thinking about dying it pink or blue or something.

  7. It looks awesome! It suits you so well! I just dyed my hair blonde and am still gettin' used to it. It's, um, different ... ;)


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