Friday, April 30

Warm & Glowy

Morning photos. A good indication that something is going on tonight. We don’t have a big one planned but that doesn’t mean it won’t turn into one. I’m off to the Bris-Style Indie Twilight Market tonight with H.P. Boozeman. My fingers are itching for trinkets! Then off to the RSL for the AFL.

I had something different planned this morning but it didn’t quite work out. I mean it could have worked but not the standard that I was looking for. So I went with this top from the big change-over of last week and this military jacket. My Sister-In-Law was throwing it out last year so I snapped it up and what do you know? Military detailing is back in. Like we ever doubted it.

I have so many new birthday goodies to wear and not enough outfits to wear them with. I can’t wait to share them all with you. The Man did incredibly well with his choices. I about fell down in a pile when I unwrapped the first thing. I’m pretty sure I was speechless for a good minute too. This is big guys. It made me so warm and glowy to know that this man knows me so, so well. I know every single day just how lucky I am. I love you Rabbit.

Sunglasses: Cotton On
Jacket: Hand me down
Scarf: Myer?
Top: Myer
Singlet: Myer
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Rubi

Thursday, April 29

A Darker Shade of Pale

During my extended weekend last week I went through the clothes packed away in the spare room and did a big swap over. It was great to discover things I’d forgotten about and now my wardrobe is rather full. Which is great but it’s funny too in that, now I have so many “new” choices I don’t know where to start.

So I thought I’d start simple today. Black, pearls, perfect. This dress is actually a bit of trouble in that it dyes my skin every time I wear it. I must have washed it about 25 times but without fail when I take it off I look like I have a blue/grey tattoo across my arms and back. It’s ok though, a good scrub in the shower and I’m back to my original pale state.

I’d like to take a moment to point out my super cool head band. My friend’s housemate made it for me for my birthday. Isn’t it great? I just love the way the little pieces of ribbon are sewed on, it reminds me of a bird’s nest. It totally adds a 30’s vibe to the whole look today too which is cool. I love it and I love the fact that people possess these wonderful hidden talents.

Headband: Gift
Dress: Was Mum’s
Necklace: Klein’s
Bracelets: RubiRing: Gift
Shoes: Rubi

Wednesday, April 28

One Lucky Kid

Thank you all for your birthday wishes, I had a fantastic long weekend of much celebration and indulgence. I don’t feel any different, there are no extra lines on my face (believe me, I looked) or white hairs on my head. I don’t have any sudden wisdom. I definitely have no wisdom when it comes to stopping on the cake/food/booze front. Ah well, I’ve got a whole year to learn my lesson, no? I feel content though. This birthday has shown me that I have many super awesome friends spread far and wide and I can’t wait to spend another year with them all.

I took inspiration from a picture in an unlikely magazine with this look. I’d never thought to pair this sombre grey tweed with a punch of colour but I really like it. The brown accents instead of the usual black belt make the whole look a little less serious too. Maybe it’s because I just finished season two of Mad Men but I’m feeling a little Mad Men-esque in this ensemble. I guess any tailored dress feels that way now.

You’ll have to excuse my eyes. I’m not hungover or have hay fever, it’s a weird thing that happens every so often. I’ve been to specialists and doctors and all kinds but we can’t figure it out. So bear with me for the next 3 days or so.

I had a super great time at my birthday dinner. It’s my second birthday in a row at Dos Amigos and it’s just so cool. I was really happy with my outfit too, I felt exactly like I wanted to.

We went up to Mary Cairncross Park on my actual birthday. It’s so beautiful up there and was so great to spend time with Mum. I got so much cool stuff, I'll be sure and debut it in the coming weeks. I'm one lucky kid alright.

Cardigan: Witchery
Dress: Trade Secret
Belt: Myer
Shoes: Rubi

Birthday Dinner:
Hair clip: Reject Shop
Cardigan: Myer
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Necklace: Gift
Skirt: Myer
Boots: Thrifted

Shirt: Target
Dress: Myer
Necklace: Gift
Belt: Thrifted
Leggings: ? Somewhere in Milpitas
Shoes: Rubi

Friday, April 23

School’s Out

I’m off for four days after today. Hooray! Monday is a public holiday for ANZAC Day and I am taking Tuesday off for my birthday. Hooray again! I am so excited, I feel like a kid on the last day of school. So I decided to dress accordingly.

I have a sneaking suspicion that my wonderful husband put these socks in the dryer. They’re a little tighter up top than last time. At least, I’m blaming it on the dryer. Surely it can’t be anything else. Amazing to think I’ve had these for a couple of years, never wore them and now I’ve worn them twice in a month! I guess blogging is having an impact.

It definitely is. I like having an occasion to get dressed for every day. Even if there is no special event on in real life I like dressing for my online audience. Wow, does that sound sad? I didn’t mean it sad. I dress for a real life audience too.

Anywho, as I said I’ll be partying it up/chilling out for the next 4 days so posts may be sporadic. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and I’ll see you again on the first day of my new year.

Beret: Gift
Vest: Igedo
Shirt: Gift
Skirt: Myer
Socks: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Wittner

Thursday, April 22

Lemme Check

Another adventure in print mixing. Ah, if you could only see the trail of discarded clothes left in my wake this morning. These tights were a constant throughout though so it’s only right that they made the final cut.

I was questioned as to why I was wearing this skull badge today at work. I felt a little stumped. Why wouldn’t I wear a skull badge? Don’t you know me? I’m that girl that wears skulls.

I like how it adds an element of toughness to the outfit. Not that exposed zips and red checkered tights aren’t tough enough but nothing says tough like a skull and cross bones. Am I right or am I right?

Cardigan: Myer
Badge: Junk shop
Top: Valley Girl
Skirt: Target
Tights: Myer
Boots: Myer

Wednesday, April 21

Yo Ho Ho

I feel like a walking math equation today. I added things, took things away and then ended up with what you see now. I like it; I’m like “The Professional Pirate”. Yarr. I started with my boots on but it was all a little too Jolly Pirate for my liking.

My hair is driving me mad today. I love this rain but it sure isn’t doing my head any favours.

I was going to wear my black skull ring today but it’s broken at the back. I’ve now made it a personal mission to find a replacement. Ladies and gentlemen I am in love with this Alexander McQueen number. Oh man. Oh, oh man. I swear I would never take it off.

Now, to collect enough booty to exchange for this wee trinket…

Blazer: Cotton On
Scarf: Diva
Dress: Kmart
Belt: Target
Leggings: ?
Shoes: Chemist

Tuesday, April 20


This dress is a major hit. I’ve had compliments out the wazoo today. Even one on my hair too. Thanks guys, you’ve made my day.

I saw this beauty across the floor in Myer on the weekend and I knew I had to have her. She’s comfortable, flattering and the exposed zip at the back is so current. Plus she was on sale. And you know how I love that.

The floppy bow adds punch and some much welcomed warmth. Hello sun showers. I swear these shoes call the rain. Powerful shoes. I should have had them during the drought. I could have saved us all from 4 minute showers and recycled water.

Scarf: Myer?
Dress: Myer
Leggings: Gift
Shoes: Target

Monday, April 19

Carry On

It's getting colder. We're going to have to put another blanket on the bed and I've moved into cardigan territory. It's only a matter of time until tights are a permanent fixture round here. I love it.

I feel like I'm from war torn England in today's outfit. Maybe it's because this cardigan reminds me of something my Grandma would wear. I imagine I'm a young woman in the 1940's working part time in a local charity or some such place doing their bookkeeping. The wings pinned to my cardigan are from my older brother's first tour of duty. I'm on my way home to a meal of cabbage and beans where I'll sit around the fireplace with my family transforming a pair of curtains into a sensible twill dress.

Cardigan: Big W
Shirt: Thrifted
Wings: Valley Markets
Belt: Was Mum's
Skirt: Valley Girl
Shoes: Rubi

Friday, April 16

Needed: 1 Flux Capacitator

Have I told you yet how much I would love to go back in time to the early-mid 90’s? I mean, I was around in the 90’s I got to wear my fair share of torn jeans, band shirts and flannelettes but oh to go back! Until my time machine is finalised I will pacify myself with this outfit.

I am so happy to be wearing this to work. Ultimately I am wearing a glorified tracksuit and a flanno. This is awesome. I bought this dress back in the epic haul of yore. It is the last item to debut. Like it? It’s super comfy but has two potential flaws. It’s fleece lined which means my tights are covered in lint under there. Secondly it has been steadily getting looser as the day goes on. It’s ok little dress, I still like you.

Morning photos today. I’m usually not a fan but I’m glad we did it this way, what with The Adventures of the Amazing Expanding Dress and all. My wonderful husband planted these marigolds for me. They're my favourite. Isn't he a sweetheart?

I’m off on a styling mission tonight for the clip. It’s coming along nicely; we’ll be filming early May. Stay tuned for plenty of behind the scene shots. Have a great weekend guys and gals!

Shirt: Target
Dress: Myer
Belt: Kmart
Leggings: Dotti
Shoes: Wittner
Bag: The Fashion Station

Thursday, April 15

What’s Going On

No crisis this morning. I wore this outfit last year (minus the necklace) when it was easing into spring. It’s nice to see you again friend.

It appears there are 2 things going on here, stripes and birds. Both of which I am very fond. Hence having so much of them in my wardrobe I guess. Oh, and mustard too. I have been pining for a pair of mustard knee high socks for a while now. I found a pair of tights that are pretty mustard-y (the tag said ochre) but to be honest I don’t think I’ll do it. When sporting tights I like to keep the colour scheme on the darker side. Too light and I’m just not doing myself any favours.

Another big weekend ahead and it all starts tomorrow. It will be great. I’m gonna try and do a little forward planning outfit-wise tonight. No one wants to start their Friday with a melt down.

Dress: Was Mum’s
Shirt: Valley Girl
Necklace: Gift
Belt: ?
Shoes: Myer

Wednesday, April 14

Dress Me Up. Take Me Out.

Well this all turned out rather well. I was knee deep in a wardrobe crisis this morning when The Man stepped in and saved the day. “I think you should wear that dress.” Sold. I had never considered wearing this combination until about 1 minute before I put it on. I had the leggings on already from a plethora of failed outfits and once I put the dress on with them it just seemed a natural progression to add the jacket. Then the brown belt and shoes to break it up. Win.

We’re off to dinner tonight for Ro’s birthday (happy birthday Ro!) so I wanted to wanted to wear something nice. I actually feel a bit like I’m masquerading as someone else in this outfit. I’m really happy with the look, in fact I love it. I just feel like someone much more polished and pulled together than the real me. Look! I’m wearing a blazer and leggings and ballet flats! It makes my feet bones look all small and refined. It makes my feet bones…OK so apparently small looking “feet bones” is the answer to looking polished. I worry about me sometimes.

I’m thinking I might need to start keeping track of when these wardrobe melt downs occur. See if there is a pattern. Plus I like the excuse to use an Excel spreadsheet. Friends, I am a massive nerd.

Blazer: Target
Dress: Melrose Ave
Belt: Myer
Leggings: Myer
Shoes: Rubi

Tuesday, April 13

As it Turns Out

While putting the clothes away last night (I'm a good wife) I stumbled upon a potential combination including this dress. As I've said before, I have rather a love/hate relationship with it. There's something about it that makes it sit a little funny and I still don't understand the holes in the middle. Anyway, originally I had this dress paired with my grey blazer but once I added the tights and boots the blazer looked funny. So I swapped it out for the cardigan and hey presto!

I was worried that I was going to be too warm once I got outside but as it turns out the weather has turned back to cool. Hallelujah. This may just have been the perfect combination today. The cardigan is super light but still provides warmth.

I chose my little yellow (mustard!) bird for a touch of colour. If you look really closely there is actually a faint olive stripe in the check of the dress and the I felt the mustard of the bird picked it  up nicely.

I have to tell you, it made me excited to be back in cardigans, tights and boots. It's early days yet but it's a taste of what's to come.

Cardigan: Gift
Necklace: Gift
Dress: Myer
Belt: Target
Tights: ?
Boots: Myer

Monday, April 12

Check In. Check Out.

I like to think that I have free reign over the items in my wardrobe. If I wanna wear spots with stripes then damnit, I'm gonna wear spots with stripes. I wanna do blue and greeen? Then sure as shoes I'm gonna do blue and green.

So this morning when I decided that I wanted to do a little check mixing, golly I did a little check mixing. I like what's gone on here, the way the belt adds a little rockabilly with the shirt. I know it's not the most flattering silhouette though. In fact I'm pretty sure that on certain angles I could be mistaken for a boab tree.

Ah but it is mighty comfortable. And facing the first day back at work after a rather indulgent weekend, well, I needed all the comfort I could get. Though I probably could have done without the comfort eating. Danged open plan office and their employees that bake!

Shirt: Target
Necklace: Cotton On
Belt: Kmart
Dress: Kmart
Shoes: Novo

Saturday, April 10

So Right

I am stoked with my outfit today. This dress and these boot chains were gifts from family members and it makes me so happy to know that they know me so well. Really, I am one lucky kid.

I was going for a late 80’s early 90’s rock look. A little LA groupie maybe? The crochet, lace and cheesecloth of the dress are so beautiful. Paired with the boots, boot chains and sheer black polka dot stockings it just takes it to that perfect marriage of beauty and rock. Think Bebe Buell, Marianne Faithfull and Jane Birkin meets Drew Barrymore, Courtney Love and Lita Ford. I am in my element.

A big night of catching up with friends and enjoying many a tasty beverage is on the cards tonight. I am pumped. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend. See you back next week.

Dress: Gift
Necklace: Gift
Cuff: ?
Belt: Sportsgirl
Slip: Was Mum’s
Stockings: Target and then Night Owl when they tore
Boots: Thrifted
Boot Chains: Gift
Bag: The Fashion Station

Thursday, April 8

What a Day

Man, am I glad today is done. I woke up this morning and just felt like crawling right back into bed. Then I went through about 4 outfits, none of which worked, only to find this dress poking out of one of the suitcases that I had pulled out of the closet yesterday. I've never really liked this dress but it was gonna have to do for today.

Then I got to work and we had no water and no air until lunch time. We had to walk a block to pee. Awesome. But, it's amazing how a day can turn around. I went out at lunch with Boozeman and had a great time culminating in a slurpee experience. Back to the office for an early mark and then to drinks with Dylby. Hurrah!

During the day I remembered that it is the anniversary of Kurt Cobain's death. Well, the anniversary of them finding him. I am not as devoted as I once was but I wish I had remembered this morning and dressed accordingly. A little flannel would have been appropriate I feel.

All in all it was a serious of highs and lows and ultimately the highs won out. Thank you Boozeman for your company and the delightful frozen beverage. It totally made not being able to pee worthwhile.

Dress: Igedo?
Watch: Gift, customised by Lovers, Saints & Sailors
Shoes: Rubi