Friday, July 30


I think everyone has a style or era that they feel most comfortable in. My friend Sophie rocks the 60’s in the best possible way. Vintage dresses and twin sets all up in here. Looking around the city there are people that look as though the last 30 years never happened. 

Me? I never feel more comfortable than I do in a flannelette shirt and boots. Or a dress and cardigan. Or torn jeans.

I guess growing up the 90’s were the most influential time in my life. So is that what does it? Not necessarily. Sophie certainly didn’t grow up in the 60’s.

Sorry, we just got evacuated from our building. Where was I?

Oh yes. I like the 90’s. A lot. I wanted to express that today. So I wore everything that was exactly what I felt like. Make sense? Probably as much sense as green knee high socks with a watermelon skirt. 

I’d like to take a moment to share that there was much debate over what colour this actually is. I heard “cerise” and “pink”...personally I think it's a pinky orange. 

Hooray for the weekend! Here's to a good one all round.

Earrings: Melbourne
Shirt: Cotton On
Flannelette: Reject Shop
Skirt: Myer
Socks: Myer
Boots: Myer
Bag: The Fashion Station

Thursday, July 29

Not Much

This dress is comfortable and flattering but I find it really hard to wear. Not only because it dyes my skin but because there’s not much I can do with it. It doesn’t layer well and you can’t really transform it into something else. I like to wear something differently each time but this dress doesn’t play that game which frustrates me.

It does work well as a blank canvas though which was the perfect platform to debut my new necklace. I wore him in Melbourne and again when I drank and ate and laughed with friends the other week but this is his first time on the blog. Say hello little fella.

Isn’t he just the coolest thing you’ve ever seen? I just love the way he dances when I walk and believe you me I have spent a questionable amount of time making him walk up and down the table. The quality is amazing and I would go without potatoes, beer and all of my other favourite things if his brothers could come home with me too. WARNING! If you are currently in the 3rd week of a one month shopping ban do not torture yourself by looking at this website. You will cry genuine tears.

Head scart: Diva
Necklace: Von T
Dress: Was Mum’s
Ring: Diva
Tights: ?
Boots: Myer

Wednesday, July 28

The Good Times

I don’t remember the last time I wore a piece of clothing until it fell apart. Actually I do. It was my 7 jeans. Oh how I loved them. They were the most perfect jeans in the entire universe. No fooling. But they tore and I patched them. And they tore and I patched them. And they tore and I patched them. And they tore and I had to say goodbye. I was genuinely sad. Never again have I found a pair of jeans so perfect. It’s like the creator came and took my measurements while I slept (in a totally non-creepy way) and hand crafted the jeans from everything that is good and right in the world. *Sigh*.

But these days with clothing being so cheap and tastes changing so often I barely wear something enough to wear it out. Oh sure, I’ve bought clothes that were so cheaply made they fell apart as soon as I took the tag off (don’t get me started on polka dot stockings) but I mean falling in love with something and wearing it again and again and again.

I never would have guessed an $11 top from Tightrope would steal my heart. But this guy has. I find myself excited every time I see it in the clean clothes basket. The awful thing is that it’s not the best quality. I’m sorry guy, I’m just being honest. When I buy something from Tightrope I don’t predict getting more than 2 wears out of it. Sure that might not be very mindful but for less than $14 for pretty much anything in there, well, I can afford not to be. So I shouldn’t be surprised that this top faded considerably after the first wash. That the white is getting greyer and the black is getting greyer. That the sequins have somehow become razor sharp on the inside. Soon it’s going to get to that embarrassing stage where clearly it’s old and I’m clinging to a dangerously sharp, mottled grey piece of mixed cotton, polyester and spandex.

I don’t want him to be remembered that way, all worn down and a shadow of his former self. Instead, let’s take a moment to celebrate the good times.

Headband: Gift
Necklace: Gift
Top: Tightrope
Singlet: Was Mum’s
Ring: ?
Skirt: Was Mum’s
Socks: Gift
Boots: Myer

Tuesday, July 27

In Which I Explain

That's me on the right, with the paper in my hand.

Hi gang. There’s been a little confusion around my involvement with the clip that I posted this week. Looking back over the blog it seems that I’ve only ever really alluded to “the clip” and never anything more specific, so I wanted to take a moment to share with you.

It started in February when the amazingly talented Emma of J-Pan Fan asked me to style her for their upcoming EP launch. I worked with Emma and the rest of the band – Robba, Pete & Jonny and they looked fantastic. They were stoked with what I’d done and asked if I would like to come on board and style them for their debut film clip. Of course I said yes (excitement much?!) and so off I went to our first meeting with the videographers. I was introduced as their stylist and the videographers then asked if I would also dress the set. Again I said yes. As the meeting progressed it became apparent that I had more to offer and the next week I came back to the band with a concept and storyboard.

Shortly after this the videographers pulled out and we were lucky enough to have Damien come on board as Director of Photography. Damien is a freelance photographer with experience in short films and generally being awesome. So we worked together in making the clip happen. I brought my storyboard and concept to him and he told me what we’d be able to shoot and how. He also organised the crew and all of their duties.

We filmed it all in one day at a couple of infinity rooms with a bunch of our friends making guest appearances and helping out behind the scenes. As well as help from some TAFE students. It was intense but just absolutely amazing at the same time. I found myself stopping (when I had 2 seconds in which to do so) and thinking “I’m directing a film clip! This is my idea. I wrote this. I styled this. I am making a film clip right now. Also, I have to pee.”

Once it was all filmed Damien then edited it into the killer finished product you see before you. 66 hours it took him. I am totally in awe. We launched it on Saturday night and I cried. And laughed and had the time of my life.

Emma and I at the launch.
So the short answer of what I had to do with the clip is...everything! Haha, seriously though, I styled, wrote, directed and co-produced it. I am incredibly proud of what we achieved and incredibly honoured that the band put so much faith in me. This is the first film clip that I have ever worked on. I studied Independent Screen Writing with Cheri Lovedog back in Santa Cruz and took Film & Television in year 11 & 12 but since then I have not had any involvement with anything like this. I guess the beast must have been stirred though because I am really looking forward to the opportunity of doing something like this again.

Going forward from here I will be working with the band to style future events. If anyone has any questions or would like to discuss future opportunities please feel free to contact me at loverssaintsandsailors(at)gmail(dot)com. I'd love to hear from you.

On The Campaign Trail

When I started assembling my outfit this morning (That’s right, this morning. Future outfit planning seems to have gone out the window.) I felt more and more like someone in the 1970’s working the campaign trail. Lord knows why. And further, lord knows why it’s not the first time I’ve felt that way in an outfit.

Anyhow, no campaign is complete without badges. So I loaded them on. It was fun, I don’t wear them anywhere near as often as I used to. Ah, my days as a punk rocker are but a distant memory. Man what I’d give to have had a style blog back then. Hell, even a digital camera. There was some gold in there friends, fish netted, torn, safety pinned gold. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

I got stopped by a guy in the mall at lunch today. He said they were giving out awards for Brisbane’s most stylish people. I laughed, told him he was charming and said I had to get back to work. He then told me I had great hair and signed appreciatively. I know it was just a line to get me to donate money to an animal charity, but it totally made my afternoon.

Vest: Target
Badges: Assorted
Vest: Target
Belt: Myer
Skirt: Target
Shoes: Big W

Monday, July 26

Bare Bones

Can these tights be my new favourites? Is that fair to all of my other favourites? If everything is my favourite then nothing is my favourite, right? Sorry, I might have watched The Incredibles recently and the “if everyone is super then no one is super” spiel may be on the front of my mind.

I do love these tights though. The Man found them in Melbourne and I couldn’t buy them fast enough. They go perfectly with this badge that I got at the Tim Burton Exhibition down there too. Come to think of it, I found a wicked skull necklace in Melbourne. Turns out it was quite a fruitful venture for my quirks.

I don’t wear these shoes nearly as often as I should. They’re so cool! And they weren’t cheap, so if I’m working on the value per wear equation that a lot of bloggers adhere to, I am drastically behind.

The No Shopping Report
Friday was tough. I finished work early and just really, really felt like going shopping. The weather was just right. We had a big weekend planned. I wanted to shop. Even forking money over for my foundation (which was outlined as a necessity when I undertook the ban and therefore doesn’t count) didn’t scratch the itch. I am determined not to cave though so when Boozeman asked me to come along as shopping support I jumped at the chance. Surely vicarious shopping would satiate the urge. And it did. Hooray! It was the first time I had “browsed” since the ban started and I found about 6 things that I liked and would have bought without hesitating in the past, but I didn’t. And so the ban continues unabated.

Don’t forget to check the clip out! I’m so very proud and can’t wait to hear what you guys think. I'll post a re-cap of the  launch in the coming days. It was a total blast.

Cardigan: Myer
Badge: Tim Burton Exhibition
Dress: Target
Belt: Myer
Slip: ?
Tights: Dangerfield

Sunday, July 25

J-Pan Fan 'Rent' (official)


Here it is! Check it out in full screen HD. I am so proud and pleased to be able to share it with you all after so long. Enjoy.

Saturday, July 24

Launch Tonight

The clip launch is tonight! If you're in town please feel free to come on down. It's gonna be a good one.

The Life Aquatic

I never really knew what the fuss was about. Books, magazines and stylists all went on about how every woman needs that perfect little black dress that would make them feel fantastic, look slimmer and save the dolphins every time they wore it. Sure, sounds great, if such a thing actually exists. Friends, I’m here to testify. I have found this very dress.

We’re going between a birthday party in a somewhat respectable establishment and a benefit gig at The Zoo tonight so I needed something that could pass as respectable but that I could also rock out in (that’s where the tights come in). This dress is perfect. I do feel quite fantastic. It’s cut so I look slimmer (well, I did until our lunch time pizza party) and perhaps best of all, the benefit gig is for the anti whaling organisation Sea Shepherd. Sure, whales are not the same as dolphins but for this exercise they’re pretty freakin’ close.

I styled the band for the gig so I’ll be sure and post pictures once I have them. It’s going to be a jam packed weekend what with the launch tomorrow night and various other social responsibilities along the way. I just hope this LBD has enough fantastic to last me that long.

Have a great one guys.

Blazer: Kmart
Scarf: Myer
Dress: Myer
Rosary: Gift
Broach: Gift
Belt: Cue
Tights: Gift
Boots: Myer

Thursday, July 22

Stop. Take Some Time To Think.

I’ve been finding it really hard to sit still at work these last few days. I’m fidgeting, I’m up and down, I’m thinking of being somewhere else. I spent a few moments thinking of where that somewhere else might be and this is what I came up with: I’d like to be sitting somewhere near the water, in the sun, with friends. Maybe eating breakfast at a cafĂ© by the beach. Mostly I want the feeling of not having to do anything or be anywhere. I want all of my good friends to be in the same place at the same time and I want to stop and enjoy the moment.

It seems so hard to stop and enjoy the moment when every day 480 of them day are spent sitting in front of a computer screen. Is it natural to sit in the same place for that long? How long until I actually become one with this chair? And then when I do have a moment to stop all I seem to think about it what I should be doing. 

How did I become this woman? I used to spend endless hours lying on my bed listening to music and staring at the ceiling when I was younger. The thought of that now almost makes me break into a sweat. There are things to do, do, do.

All of this restlessness has made me think about this shopping ban and my reaction to it. I feel like when it’s all said and done, what I’ll take from it is mindfulness. I want to be conscious of my purchases. Growing up I was grateful for every thing that I had. I had a green angora cardigan that I loved with all my heart and wore almost every day. Now I can’t keep track of how many cardigans I have, let alone all the colours. There are always things to buy, buy, buy. 

It’s been 2 weeks today since I started the ban and I’m surviving. I’m not naked. I’m not bored of my clothes. I’m not horribly out of fashion. I’m reading more. I’m writing letters. I’m feeling less overwhelmed. I’m enjoying the challenge and what I’m learning about myself along the way.

Hair clip: Dangerfield
Top: Myer
Dress: Myer
Belt: Myer
Tights: ?
Boots: Thrifted

Wednesday, July 21

Hours and Hours

Gosh, how has it taken me 4 tries to start this post? That last one can be blamed on the best part of the song I’m listening to kicking in*. Oh man, it’s so messy and heartfelt and heavy, it just hits you right there, you know? OK, back to it.

I’m working late tonight. We’ve got an event on so I needed to be “work appropriate”. It’s amazing how a cardigan buttoned over a lace singlet tucked into a black skirt can be so much. You can’t help but feel a little sexy. I’ve always admired hour-glass shaped women and I’m pleased that if I had to fit myself into a category, that’s the closest one.

I also find it interesting the power that pink has as a colour. You’re immediately pretty, in pink. You’re ladylike, you’re delicate, you need protection. Have you ever noticed how differently people interact with you? Sure it’s not a hard and fast rule. Very few rules in fashion are. But it’s something I’ve encountered. Have you?

* 4:10 on “What Have I Done” from “Mama, I’m Swollen” by Cursive.

Hair clip: Somewhere in Melbourne
Necklace: Diva
Cardigan: SES Fashion
Singlet: Myer
Skirt: Was Mum’s
Tights: ?
Shoes: Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday, July 20

Keep Going

I feel like if I slept for a week I’d be just about right again. Knowing full well that is not going to happen all you can do is get up and keep going. The week is only going to get busier from here on out so I think it will be in my best interest to go home tonight, have a cup of tea, put away the ever growing mound of clean clothes and plan some outfits for the coming days.

Hehe, this picture makes me laugh.
Note the floral, check combination today. I so enjoyed the last time that I wanted to try it again. There are a purple and a grey running through both that are almost identical and I think the muted tones of the skirt works well with the somewhat bright tones of the leggings. I really like this skirt. It’s flannel and warm and has an element of grunge to it which I’m all for. Mind you, when we were in Melbourne it felt no warmer than a piece of cheese cloth. Thank god for 200 denier tights.

The jewellery has served as a bit of a message today, in a way. A lot of people see my interest in skulls as morbid and only associate them with death. I see them more as an indication that something is still here after your gone. 2 together say eternal love to me. I see your “til death do we part” and raise you one. Anyway, to me this collection together says, “Live your life in peace. We’re all here for a while and then we’re gone, so do a good job. Be kind, live well.” Who would have thought trinkets could say so much?

Blazer: Kmart
Top: Myer
Necklaces: Diva, Dangerfield, Gift
Singlet: Woolworths
Skirt: Myer
Leggings: Valley Girl
Boots: Myer

Monday, July 19

Simple Girl

I didn’t ask much of my outfit today. Most importantly it needed to be comfortable. And easy. We had an awesome, somewhat large weekend and any functioning brain cells that remained in my head this morning were put to the more important task of making sure I looked both ways before I crossed the street.

I am comfortable. And it was easy to get dressed. I’d had a piece of washing basket inspiration during the week with this top and skirt so that was kind of sorted. It’s easy to be boring when you’re brain dead. I would like to think I’m not. Boring or brain dead. Unfortunately today I’m not all that convincing.

The No Shopping Report
I dreamt last night that I nearly broke my shopping ban at Target on a 4 pack of scarves for Mum. Though really, that would have counted as a gift and gifts are OK. In real life I’ve stayed strong. I’ve not been tempted and whenever I’ve gone into a store I feel weird and uncomfortable. Lord knows what’s happened. I wonder if it’s permanent…

Check it out. My business cards are done. Aren't they rad?

Top: Tigerlily
Skirt: Target
Necklace worn as bracelet: Diva
Tights: Target
Shoes: Novo