Saturday, July 24

The Life Aquatic

I never really knew what the fuss was about. Books, magazines and stylists all went on about how every woman needs that perfect little black dress that would make them feel fantastic, look slimmer and save the dolphins every time they wore it. Sure, sounds great, if such a thing actually exists. Friends, I’m here to testify. I have found this very dress.

We’re going between a birthday party in a somewhat respectable establishment and a benefit gig at The Zoo tonight so I needed something that could pass as respectable but that I could also rock out in (that’s where the tights come in). This dress is perfect. I do feel quite fantastic. It’s cut so I look slimmer (well, I did until our lunch time pizza party) and perhaps best of all, the benefit gig is for the anti whaling organisation Sea Shepherd. Sure, whales are not the same as dolphins but for this exercise they’re pretty freakin’ close.

I styled the band for the gig so I’ll be sure and post pictures once I have them. It’s going to be a jam packed weekend what with the launch tomorrow night and various other social responsibilities along the way. I just hope this LBD has enough fantastic to last me that long.

Have a great one guys.

Blazer: Kmart
Scarf: Myer
Dress: Myer
Rosary: Gift
Broach: Gift
Belt: Cue
Tights: Gift
Boots: Myer


  1. Wow, I think you look fantastic. That dress is the perfect LBD. And I like that touch of colour with those tights. Awesome outfit.

  2. Oh, this is the perfect lbd for you!! It's so rockin' yet chic and ladylike! LOVE it!

  3. too fab! wish u were my stylist.

  4. You look amazing, great tights (:


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