Friday, October 29


This is me when I was 2 years old. Or just about 2, I think I was a bit over 18 months. I'd had a big day out with my Mum and Grandparents and when my Nan asked me what I felt like eating, all I wanted was corn. Not much has changed since then. Least of all my taste in shoes.

Thursday, October 28

28 October 2008

2 years ago today I married the most wonderful man in the world. Those words and any other words I will write in the future will never come close to describing how much I love him.  I have been happy every day since I met him and I will be every day for the rest of my life, knowing that I get to wake up next to him. To eat poached eggs on toast with him. To listen to jazz and cook dinner with him. To watch Venture Bros. To listen to the rain. To drink beer. To laugh and laugh and laugh with him. 

Happy anniversary sweetheart, I love you.

Wednesday, October 27

Cradle To The Grave

These are the first shoes that I ever wore. Aren't they just the cutest thing! You can tell I've loved my shoes from the very beginning. Look at the wear on them.

Sadly another pair of shoes that I love have not lasted this long. I'm sure you'll all remember my delight, my devotion, my pure, unadulterated love of these tan leather wedges. They were gorgeous. They were magic. They made me feel like a better person.

And they snapped in half. Seriously, check it out.

We took them to the cobbler who said that he sees it all the time with wedges. Who knew? In the end I had to say goodbye but I know that in every store, in every magazine, on every website I'll be looking for my perfect shoe. You don't get this close and give up.

Tuesday, October 26

Bye Bye

Today was a day for saying good bye.

Not permanent good bye. More like a "see you later", or, "good bye for now".

It was my last day at work with Boozeman today. I would be a lot sadder if I didn't know that I'd be seeing her next weekend and fairly regularly after that.

It was a great excuse to have an extended lunch at The Platform Bar though. Can't be sad about that.

And another bye, is from me to you. The man and I are away on a much needed, week long holiday from tomorrow. But don't worry, I've scheduled plenty of posts to keep you company.

I'm planning on saying good bye to "the grid" while I am away, so I'll reply to all of your wonderful comments when I return.

Have a fantastic week gang!

Dress worn as top: Gift
Neclaces: Myer, Cotton On, Diva & gift
Belt: Myer
Bangles: Thrifted & gift
Ring: ?
Skirt: Was Mum's
Shoes: Rubi

Monday, October 25

Don't Let The Sun Go Down

When we got home this afternoon the lighting was absolutely perfect for pictures. By the time we'd walked inside, picked up the camera and come back out, the sun had already sunk that bit more.

I can hardly wait for the sun to stay up that bit longer.

I have really been treated with the weather though. I can tell you now, I certainly wasn't wearing a cardigan and cowboy boots last October.

Cardigan: Witchery
Top: Was Mum's
Necklaces: Gift & Sportsgirl
Skirt: Was Mum's
Ring: Capitola Mall
Boots Thrifted 

Friday, October 22


I think I've figured out the problem.

I've taken on a lot more at work. A big part of which is writing. So by the time I get home I am entirely spent. I feel as though I have no words left in my head.

Hopefully the weekend will give me back my words.

Tshirt: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Cotton On
Jeans: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Hype

Thursday, October 21


I had something else in mind to write about today. But when I got home the fire had gone out of me. 

Another time perhaps.

Instead I'll say that I like the calm, relaxed palate of today's outfit.

Not too bad for something borne out of an early morning clothing crisis. 

Come on weekend!

Necklace: ?
Shirt: Thrifted
Belt: Myer
Skirt: Gift
Shoes: City Beach

Wednesday, October 20

Short & Suit

I nearly called this post "Marle & Me". Get it? But I figured given I've never seen the film and only heard luke warm reviews it was best to avoid the pop culture reference.

It would have provided a great opener into what will likely be an ode to grey marle though.  Hell, I'm not going to let a post title deter me.

Oh grey marle, I do so love you. You are comfortable and a timeless colour. You bring to mind aerobics, tracksuit pants and teenage girls. Perhaps I like you because I have little to do with the things you remind me of. You're a visit to a foreign land from the comfort of my own wardrobe. In short, I'm sweet on you.

Headband: Cotton On
Blazer: Kmart
Shirt: Cotton On Body
Necklace: Von T
Belt: Sportsgirl
Shorts: Myer
Shoes: Rubi

Tuesday, October 19


200 posts! I can hardly believe it. I remember 100 like it was yesterday. I remember walking down to the car park to take pictures and feeling great in my outfit. It was the exact thing that I felt like wearing and summed me up pretty dang well.

Today I had a srs bzns meeting so I had to keep it quite restrained. I ended up not having to attend the meeting but I'm happy with what I'm wearing anyway.

There's something distinctly "street" about this outfit. Though my body is lacking any sporting bones whatsoever, I feel as though I could be in a Nike street wear ad. I think it might be the mix of the oversized, relaxed shirt dress with the sockless shoes. The soft blush of the singlet underneath against the minty turquoise green of my nails gives a subtle edge. The necklace (which I wore on post 100 - what a coincidence!) is tough and the flower in my hair makes me think I could be a flamenco dancer.

You know, one of those cool girls on the sidewalk at a street party next to a gushing fire hydrant. All casual, busting out wicked moves.

How many of us dress for a business meeting with that in mind!

Flower: Diva
Necklace: Diva
Dress Cotton On
Singlet: David Jones
Belt: Myer
Slip: ?