Wednesday, October 27

Cradle To The Grave

These are the first shoes that I ever wore. Aren't they just the cutest thing! You can tell I've loved my shoes from the very beginning. Look at the wear on them.

Sadly another pair of shoes that I love have not lasted this long. I'm sure you'll all remember my delight, my devotion, my pure, unadulterated love of these tan leather wedges. They were gorgeous. They were magic. They made me feel like a better person.

And they snapped in half. Seriously, check it out.

We took them to the cobbler who said that he sees it all the time with wedges. Who knew? In the end I had to say goodbye but I know that in every store, in every magazine, on every website I'll be looking for my perfect shoe. You don't get this close and give up.


  1. I can sympathise. I too know the pain of loosing a perfect shoe :(

  2. WHAT? They snapped?! Ripped off. I'm so sorry for your loss :( :p :)


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