Friday, July 30


I think everyone has a style or era that they feel most comfortable in. My friend Sophie rocks the 60’s in the best possible way. Vintage dresses and twin sets all up in here. Looking around the city there are people that look as though the last 30 years never happened. 

Me? I never feel more comfortable than I do in a flannelette shirt and boots. Or a dress and cardigan. Or torn jeans.

I guess growing up the 90’s were the most influential time in my life. So is that what does it? Not necessarily. Sophie certainly didn’t grow up in the 60’s.

Sorry, we just got evacuated from our building. Where was I?

Oh yes. I like the 90’s. A lot. I wanted to express that today. So I wore everything that was exactly what I felt like. Make sense? Probably as much sense as green knee high socks with a watermelon skirt. 

I’d like to take a moment to share that there was much debate over what colour this actually is. I heard “cerise” and “pink”...personally I think it's a pinky orange. 

Hooray for the weekend! Here's to a good one all round.

Earrings: Melbourne
Shirt: Cotton On
Flannelette: Reject Shop
Skirt: Myer
Socks: Myer
Boots: Myer
Bag: The Fashion Station


  1. I love the plaid shirt tied around the waist. I wouldn't say I have a certain style. Im willing to try basically anything.

  2. Lovely blog!! :)

    /Fashion Bowie

  3. Your earrings are amazing! I dont think ive ever seen any like that ever before! :) cool blog btw! Im a fan!!!!!! :D Cheezy haha

    Paddy @ LITTLE RAZZI

  4. love the ear-ring! Very nice! You have cool hair too. :D

    Rufus ✞
    Who is Rufus

  5. You are funner than fun. I adore your style.!

  6. I'm still hunting for the perfect plain shirt - but looks like you've already found it! x


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