Tuesday, April 20


This dress is a major hit. I’ve had compliments out the wazoo today. Even one on my hair too. Thanks guys, you’ve made my day.

I saw this beauty across the floor in Myer on the weekend and I knew I had to have her. She’s comfortable, flattering and the exposed zip at the back is so current. Plus she was on sale. And you know how I love that.

The floppy bow adds punch and some much welcomed warmth. Hello sun showers. I swear these shoes call the rain. Powerful shoes. I should have had them during the drought. I could have saved us all from 4 minute showers and recycled water.

Scarf: Myer?
Dress: Myer
Leggings: Gift
Shoes: Target


  1. dress is a true wonder! but in your statement I do not like leggings and flat shoes. you looked better in heels

    p.s have lovely hair;)


  2. oh my goodness you hair is amazing! plus you dress is fann-tastic! totally following!


  3. Love it. Love the bow. I love bows. ;-) That dress is fantastic. You are so cute!


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