Tuesday, June 29

New! And Improved!

Before we get down to today’s outfit I want to draw attention to my incomprehensibly rad new logo which was created by the super talented Scott. You all know how I feel about skulls (and if you didn’t, now you do) and being that they are Scott’s specialty it was a perfect match. I am so, so happy with what he’s done. He’s talented, fast and an absolute gem to work with. If any of you are looking to get any work done I cannot recommend him highly enough. You can find more of his work here.

Now to our regular programming… Check it out, straight hair. I had a request from a couple of people at work and hey, I aim to please. I honestly do this 3, maybe 4 times a year? It takes forever and it’s weird but having my hair straight changes my personality. I feel too contained. That’s strange, right? Oddly enough I don’t feel weird with it straight today though. I guess there’s always an exception to the rule.

I feel like a Mexican gunslinger today. Do you guys see that? It’s in the accessories. Speaking of accessories. These are my 3rd pair of polka dot stockings. The first ones from Target tore a while back so I replaced them with a better quality pair from Sportsgirl which tore while I was at work today. Bastards! So I went back to Sportsgirl to give it another try. I just love the pattern so much, I can’t do without them.

I had my Westwood shoes on with them originally but once I took the stockings off after they tore, the shoes rubbed too much. And by the grace of god I found these sweet-ass tuxedo brogues in Target while looking for stockings. On sale too thank you very much.

So I have a new logo, new stockings, new shoes, and new thermals for our trip. PLUS my new super, super, super, SUPER cool necklace arrived! All in all, I’d say that is a pretty good day. Plus The Man and I are going on a date to Cold Rock tonight. Seriously, could things get any better?

Necklaces: Gifts
Top: Tightrope
Vest: Igedo
Belt: Kmart
Ring: Diva
Skirt: Was Mum’s
Stockings: Sportsgirl
Shoes: Target
Arm warmers: Gift


  1. Your new header is AMAZING!
    Oh and I loooove those shoes!

  2. LOVE this look. Your hair is so fun! Even though you have straightened it I have noticed you have made it wow! So, WOW. Oh, and the header is awesome. You rock.

  3. The new header is great!
    Love this look, aw man... so rocker chick! and ze hair looks pretty rad straightened but I LOVE it's usual curliness!


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