Friday, November 26

Give Away

Alrighty. Are you ready? Here it is, my first give away!  Because I like you all so much I have decided to give away a set of animal rings. Just like mine! Well, not just like mine. I had a run in with something and now my guy only has one antler. But it's cool. He's totally not self-conscious about it.

Now to go into the draw to win, you only need to do 2 things.  One, you must be a follower (and really once you take that step, you're already a winner) and two, leave a comment below telling me what animal I should base an outfit on and why. Whoever makes me laugh the hardest wins. Don't be afraid. I reckon I could rock a wicked Mantis shrimp.

Good luck! The contest closes Friday 10 December (Australian time) and I'll wear the outfit to my Sunday Club that weekend. Oh! And this is open to everyone, flung far and wide.


  1. I'd love to enter this giveaway, those rings are so cute! I'm already a follower =D And hmmmmm I think you should base an outfit on a Frill Necked Lizard because they look funny but are still cute and I think some kind of fancy collar could produce similar results!
    This is such a good idea for a giveaway, I'm going to come back to see what ideas other people have!! =DDD

  2. Oh god that is a hard one! I am already a follower. Now what animal..........what about a long eared jerboa! Here is a link to the wikipeadia page about them All you would need is a rather large hat that looked like ears and you'd be all set. It's kind of cute then you think "holy crap look at those ears!"

  3. Lamprey! They've got a pretty bad rap (given they're, y'know, terrifying foot-long parasites with rows and rows of teeth) but I think they're undersold. On the outside, they're slick and neutral, but inside their mouths they're bright and geometric:
    An interesting play on beauty and danger, I think.

    And I think there's something to be said for their simple is easy as a lamprey. They don't answer to anybody!

  4. i'm so glad i found your giveaway! because... that means i found your blog. and i like it. i like it a lot. :D -followed-

    an animal....the only one that came to mind were pokemon animals. and they aren't real. i like a jirachi though! it's so cute and the colors are so ...adorablez. an outfit based on this would be more bright and pastely.

    or definitely an owl! i'm not saying you have to dress up in feathers haha. but i mean they have so many different features and colors, every owl is so unique and prettttyyy. like this one! im thinking of cremes, beigey, browishy colours in terms of dressing up in an outfit inspired from an owl.

    anyways those rings are down right awesome! *__* would love to win them!

  5. Those are so cute! I'm adding you to my google reader. You seem awesome.

    You should make an outfit around a platypus. Why? Because they're awesome, mammals, hilarious and look like swimming ducks!

  6. OK, these rings are adorable. I am a follower already.
    I think you should dress up as a chameleon, you will just need to wear lots of layers of different colours. Then, as the night progresses you take off the first layer, then the next, then the next. Although that might be a better idea here where it is cold than there where it is hot! But you get the picture, right?

  7. hi.. I'm a new follower..
    I dont have crazy idea for your animal outfit.. but you can make outfit based on SPONGEBOB image.. well, spongebob is an animal right??? I think, sea sponge counts as animal. is it true??? (finger crossed, hope I right)
    you can wear big false front teeth, square pants, square eye-glasses, and a net to catch jelly fish..

    thx.. :)

  8. Love the rings. And as for an animal inspired outfit you know what would be super funny? if you dressed up as a chipmunk. You would wear a monk get up, with the robe and balding hair, and then you could carry around big bags of chips. Or even create some kind of cool chip bag purse! haha. cool right?

    check me out!

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  10. this is a lovely ring set!
    im following you, you have a great blog!:)
    the animal should be an owl! you are like one! how smartly you combine your oufits!always good lookin!and owls are fashionable right now:) and...make you look little bit like a clever person hahaha, no offence of course

  11. I love love your blog! I have been a reader for a while now. :) at first I wasn't going to enter because I couldn't think of a funny animal but I really want to!!!! I really like the answers everyone else gave. And at first I was thinking sea creature... I'm going to go with Preying Mantis though. Mantis is super strong and bold and charismatic, she does what she wants and she changes into such interesting patterns and colors! Sounds just like you!!!!!!
    Miss Smog

  12. I have been following your blog and really enjoy reading it and the pictures as well! The banner always gets my attention as well, it's beautiful!

    As for an animal, I have THE perfect one: a Komondor Dog. Aren't they just the cutest things?!

    Sure, the easy way out is to behead a few mops and drape it over yourself or decide to switch to dreadlocks (Dear God please, please don't) but I'd definitely love to see what you would wear for that!


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