Monday, November 29

The Man

I started my new job working from home today. I got dressed, walked to work, hung my hat on the door and sat at my (lovely, lovely) desk for a good 8 hours.

This first week is mostly research and familiarising myself with everything but so far, I'm feeling pretty confident about the whole thing. Hooray!

In the lead up to today I asked a lot of people for tips on working from home. A resounding one was to get dressed. I guess I have it easy in that I have to get dressed. Otherwise this would be a very different kind of blog. Ahem.

When I got dressed this morning I got dressed to go to work. I wore my new man's watch (love!), fedora and this shirt from my husband's wardrobe. No more working for the man. I am the man.

Fedora: Target
Shirt: The Man's (he wore it when we got married. Awww.)
Dress: Valley Girl
Watch: Target
Shoes: Rubi


  1. love this look - best of luck with the job too :)

  2. This is totally something I would wear! I love the light colors and breezy feel. Oh, summer...

  3. beautiful dress! I love the pattern. Hmm I don't think I could work from home, I'd spend the entire time browsing on blogs haha! You're lucky to have the self-motivation! jazzy ♥

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  5. Yay! Claire found your blog :) She's a top chick and since I love you both, you guys should love eachother. Bloggy love.
    Ok, I'm just a big happy mess as I write this from our hotel... but enough about me and my move.

    LOOK AT CHU! Love the shirt over that pretty dress... and you rock a fedora like it's everybody's business :) Yay for home working! GO YOU! Will email you my addy tomorrow, after I do some shopping for you now I'm in the citay! xx

  6. So that is the watch!? Have to agree - LOVE it! Love the fedora too... Meh, let's face it, you rock the entire outfit. It's almost a shame you work from home now, I can't give you the praise in person. CB


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