Monday, November 15

What the Day Brings

Plans. It's so silly to make them. If I've learnt anything from my time on earth, it's that things rarely go according to plan.

On nights like tonight though, I couldn't be happier about it. I had planned on working, going home, making dinner and watching the finale of Junior MasterChef (sure, I'll admit it). But in a happy turn of events a good friend was in town and we ended up at our favourite bar before hitting up a sushi train.

Yep. Brad really knew what they were singing about.

Scarf: Gift with purchase - SKII at Myer
Dress: Tightrope
Shoes: Chemist


  1. ...I can't believe I almost forgot about the finale until just then! I missed it because I had a prior engagement and was planning to watch online oh no! Must avoid spoilers :(

    I like your scarf :)

  2. This is really great.

    Yours and now I intend to look more


  3. nice skirt, i like your header!

  4. love that scarf. you are a cutie. and fun plan spoiling indeed!

    heart: Kimberellie


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