Monday, January 9

What A Screamer

There's a couple of ways I can go with this:

a) It was screaming hot yesterday (and set to be even hotter today. Great, just... great)

b) I may have set off a car alarm, with my scream... 

Cuz, see, what happened was... We were all hanging out in the park for a belated birthday do, right?

After a while the sun went down, as is usually the fashion. And we decided. "Ah-ha! What a perfect time to record some zombie noises".

See, Sophie has this assignment in which she has to provide the soundtrack for a zombie video game. And she needed some screams.

I immediately set about "sound styling"; moving Sophie and "the talent" to the middle of the dry, over-grown field, flanked by the brown, murky river in the pitch black - you know, so the story of how they recorded it would sound extra awesome (it totally does, doesn't it?)

I wasn't entirely confident I could scream on cue. But then, in between the boys' best David Lee Roth impressions I let loose this absolute blood-curdler that actually set off a car alarm - across the river. Not to mention had the local residents running to their decks, flicking the lights on and craning their necks, looking worriedly into the park. 

We had to do 2 takes, to make sure we got the best possible result. And I actually felt pretty bad for worrying the neighbours. Someone said it was, "A scream that would definitely get the cops called." Well, if they were called, they never showed. 

And if they had've - it sure would have added to the story...

Hat: Was Mum's
Necklaces: Gifts
Shirt: Gift
Dress: David Jones
Ring: Lovisa
Shorts: Target
Shoes: HYPE


  1. oh pretty skirt :)
    hope you can join my makeup giveaway!


  2. Oh my gosh. You write well. Really well. I just graduated journalism school and I rarely find a blog where I think the writing is great. Great fashion, great outfits, yes. Great writing, no. So, I'll be staying tuned- hoping you do score some sweet copy writing jobs and cyber high-fiving you on your blog posts in the meantime. Come say hi when you get a chance, and follow back if you feel compelled! XO
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  3. thankds for the comment pretty lady, love this post!

  4. cute blog! I’ll follow you!
    I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)

  5. What a cool job she has and even cooler you guys got to scream!

  6. This is gold. I want an excuse to scream. I haven't done it in the longest time.. Hmm ;)
    Love the dress as a skirt. Classic!

  7. your blog is great you look so nice- love converse
    xx the cookies
    share the feeling
    visit <3

  8. I'd love an excuse to scream... I usually do so only while in my car on the freeway in traffic. Ahhh feel so nice. LOL how fun though :D love your chucks btw! xox
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  9. Great photos, dear!
    Very fun and inspirational!

  10. Ahaha, that's a ridiculous story. I love it!
    I think an addition of cops would have been awesome to the tale.

    Btw. Cute skirt. I love polka dots.


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