Monday, September 19


Isn't this shirt rad? 

The wonderful Hen, bought it for The Man. 

But before he had a chance to wear it, I...uh, well I totally stole it. 

Plus I hacked it up.

And you know, made it smell all girly and junk.

So, score one for me! 

Actually, it's probably more like, score 15 on account of the amount of clothes I "lift" from his wardrobe. Surprisingly enough, he doesn't raid mine all that often*.

*Or ever really. Oh, except for my socks. Always with the socks.

Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Shirt: Was The Man's (briefly)
Skirt: Zara
Badges: Gift
Ring: Diva
Shoes: City Beach


  1. you are very funny.. :D
    love the idea stolen your man's clothes and make em smell girly..

  2. It is awesome! Definitely a good steal. ;) It looks great with the skirt and Frida pins. :)

  3. You're entering warm weather and the cold is descending on us over here. Jeeeealous.

  4. loveeeeeely^^

    xoxo dear!

  5. i love it! an no offense to him, but i'm sure it looks way better on you! =)

  6. oh i really really want those Frida Kahlo badges! i adore her!

    also cool tee, and plaid skirt with anything is always cool! great outfit!


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