Monday, January 23

Glory Days

First up, gang, thank you so much for all your swell comments on my last post! 21! I think that's some kind of record for Lovers, Saints & Sailors. So thanks. A lot. It's fantastic to know it resonated with so many people. And it's particularly awesome to know we all dress for ourselves and no one else. Though, I had my suspicions all along ;)

So after that last number, I got to thinking about the outfit I described from the night I met The Man. I had a little search through some pictures and while I didn't find that exact ensemble. I did, however, find this one (from a few weeks before we met):

Note the overflowing accessories bag on the counter
What can I say? I've always been a charmer...

Now, let me break this bad boy on down for you:

OK, I made that singlet - customised, really it says "Glory"
That's a tube top worn as a miniskirt
2 Belts - one studded, one with chains
Fishnets. I think they were my army green ones
And my beloved Cowboy boots
Let's see...a bunch of necklaces, rosary beads, saints, a necklace I made out of safety pins and crosses
A tie worn around my wrist and I think that's about it

And just so you know...this wasn't for a costume party. This was my every day attire. We're looking at 2005 here.

Apart from all the baseball and Ford assembly line stuff, pretty sure Bruce Springsteen was talking about me when he sang Glory Days.

I guess it's hard not to note the CDs and messy bed


  1. 2005? Man I still wear that shit now. Rep hard with a vengeance.

  2. This. Is. Fantastic. Now, I wanna marry you!

  3. You look so cute! And about the previous post - I love you. Just for that) and the awesome header too of course.


  4. Lol! You're rocking that look :)

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  6. I kinda just wore what was on the rack, without making it my own, back in the day

  7. totally badass!

    Kisses from Milan <3

  9. Super cool, you rock, girl!

  10. Such a cool outfit, you look awesome <3

  11. Rocker outfit and pictures!
    Following you!
    Check out my new post! <3

  12. I love how rock n' roll this is! He obviously must've known that you had awesome style. ;)

  13. I just love how happy you look in the photo


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