Wednesday, September 28

4 Year Old Fun

I put a sticker on her hand and she put it back on mine before she left. Awww...
Nothing like a visit from my 4 year old niece to brighten up a work day.

We played marbles and hide 'n' seek. Drank tea. Touched a worm (she did, not me - ewww). Swung in the hammock and giggled ourselves silly taking Photo Booth pictures.

I'm seriously considering putting this stuff on my To Do list every day...


  1. Children are the best! There's never any pretense with them. They say and do whatever they feel. ;)

  2. awww! sometimes it's good to be a kid :)

  3. of course, Bob dylan is the GOD!!! hahaha^^ so nice actions:)

    xx, rachel. :)


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