Wednesday, November 24


OK, note to self. Write blog before you spend 2 hours in the bath tub. That muscle relaxing bubble bath also appears to relax the brain cells right outta your head.

I felt very laid back and slouchy today. Hell, I didn't even bother putting my belt through it's loop. Yeah, I roll like that sometimes.

It's my last day at work tomorrow. If I can pull some brain cells together I might try and plan something a little special. Or I might lay on the couch and drink a cup of tea. I guess you'll find out in the morning.

Top: Target
Dress: Myer
Belt: Myer
Ring: Lovisa
Shoes: City Beach


  1. I think this combo is the most gorgeous thing you have ever worn - it all just works :)

  2. oh cuter than cute! What terrific patterns together! You lady, are a pattern mixing genius!

    heart: Kimberellie

  3. I second the love of the pattern mixing, nice work. I hope your last day of work went well and that you celebrated it!
    I also tagged you in a post. You now have 7 secrets to share.


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