Friday, May 21

I've seen her dehydrate sir, it's pretty gross.

I'm home sick from work today. I've spent most of the day right here on the couch. In winter I like to make my pajamas as interesting as possible. Anything goes, the more layers the better. I made the dress you can see peeking out there. I tell you what, I was pretty proud. After I'd finished raging and swearing and all. Fun fact: I have no patience.

It made it's debut 2 years ago on New Years Eve. Complete with matching headband and home made margarita. I'm actually wearing a home made apron under there too which made the dress bunch up all weird in the picture. Nothing a few margaritas didn't fix...

Sweater: Trade Secret
Dress: Self made
Leggings: Myer
Socks: Sussan


  1. Why should 'non-night' attire get all the attention? Bravo, someone needs to represent pajama's in a boom shiggy boom manner and you've gone done a good job Pa. Love the layers, love the colours, LOVE the socks and the sweat and tears that went into the dress. Don't ya love wearing your own brain baby? KUDOS! xx

  2. I love to see homemade dresses. I'm waiting for a pattern to arrive in the mail that I'll be making!

  3. goodness, brush turkeys really aren't all that attractive. on the bright side, though, they probably don't eat the buds off of your tulips the way the deer do here!
    rachel rose
    there is no reason why

  4. also, i hope you're feeling better now!

  5. You hair is unbelievably gorgeous. And at first I thought the two pics were from the same day and I was like HULLO that's how everyone should stay home sick!!

  6. wow you made that dress?? it's amazing!! love your blog!


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