Thursday, August 19

Black Plus White Equals

I’m working approximately 156 hours today. We’ve got an event tonight so it’s time for the respectable dressing again.

Ta da! Black and white equals respectable, right? And my anatomical jewellery is black and white so regardless, it’s gotta be respectable. Right?


Cardigan: Myer
Broach: Tim Burton Exhibition
Necklace: Lovers, Saints & Sailors
Dress: Kmart
Belt: Cue
Tights: Myer
Shoes: Chemist


  1. loveee all of the black and white!! plus that skull is the perfect addition to a nice event outfit. it keeps things fun!

  2. I love this outfit. Even though it's all proper, I think that skirt totally reflects your normal style.

  3. You are so fun. Adore this look. Very cute. I bet you would just be a totally blast to hang out with!


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