Friday, September 10

A Good Day

Today is a good day. Allow me tell you why.

I got flowers at work today. They were a surprise from The Man. The reason? No reason at all. I love this man.

I got my hair cut and I am really, really happy with it. I was so nervous that I was actually having palpitations before my appointment. Katie was amazing. So secure in her knowledge, down to earth and straight out talented. I have never walked out of a salon with my hair looking like my hair before. If you are in Brisbane and need a good stylist I can’t recommend her highly enough. The whole salon was great and any staff I interacted with were chilled out and just plain nice. Very, very happy.

My Strawberrynet order arrived and the lipstick is just what I was after. It’s super smooth and not at all drying. My foray into lipstick as opposed to lip gloss/balm has gotten off to a roaring start.

Its Friday.

Oh, and it’s raining. Ah, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Cardigan: Myer
Dress: Melrose Ave
Belt: Myer
Ring & Bracelet: ?
Slip: ?
Shoes: David Jones


  1. Yay for getting haircuts you're happy with :) Flowers from the man for no apparent reason? Cutest thing. Have a great weekend!

  2. aww thats cute that your boyfriend got you flowers! cute outfit, i love the shirley temple curls =)

    ...look closer

  3. Gorgeous hair.. gorgeous lipstick. Both really suit you.. flowers are awfully nice too! x

  4. You have the most gorgeous hair! I would die for it! I also love that vest - the zipper is so cool. And bravo to your man - no reason is the best reason.

  5. I love your dress, and you got flowers for no reason. Like Kyla said above me, no reason is the best reason.


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