Wednesday, October 13

I’m On a Boat

Actually I’m not. I’m on an office chair. But when I got dressed this morning that’s what I was thinking. I was dressing as though I was going on a yacht. When in fact I was going to work. And, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately depending on your level of sea-sickness) I work in a building and not on a boat.

Does that translate in the look? The earrings give it away, don’t they? If I can’t be on a boat, I’ll have a boat on me. Or two boats on me.

I must be really feeling the boat thing today because I picked up some boat magnets at lunch. Actually they are pirate ships. Is there a difference between a ship and a boat?

Boat. Boat. Boat.

Earrings: Gift
Dress: Cotton On
Top: Myer
Belt: Cotton On
Shoes: Rubi


  1. Cute outfit! Isn't a ship just a big version of a boat? Who knows!

  2. Lovely. And those shoes just seal the deal. You look gorgeous and fun and unique as per usual!



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