Thursday, December 16

Storm Girl

When I finished grade 7 my teacher gave me a book called Storm Boy. Wait, maybe it was Storm Girl. Whatever. The point is, she wrote inside the cover: "Dear Selise, maybe this will keep you quiet over the holidays."

Gosh, thanks Ms Travers. Way to be one of those nice, supportive, encouraging teachers I've heard so much about.

I didn't deserve that. I was never a bad kid. Seriously, I never skipped school, didn't smoke behind the shed. The very image of an angel.

I stole a sign from a train station once. I was in my final week of high school and thought I should do SOMETHING bad in my teenage years. So a friend and I took it down and hid it in her wardrobe. I was so paralysed with guilt and anxiety that night, I had to call and beg her to put it back. 

Yup. A regular bad ass.

Dress: Cotton On
Earrings: Store in Melbourne
Necklaces: Was Mum's and Dangerfield
Shoes: Thrifted
Scarf: David Jones
Bag: The Fashion Station


  1. haha this post is awesome!

    i love your necklace too!

  2. you're so funny! we're pretty much posing twins too. i so can't be all serious like the other "fashion bloggers." here's to keeping it real!

  3. Awesome dress. Love the bag as well.

    Cute story.


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