Wednesday, December 29

Time, Is On My Side

So we skipped supper in favour of cocktails last night. Lotta cocktails. Lotta. Cocktails.

We woke up late this morning (just) and decided on Chermside for breakfast. This was a mistake. The place was so many shades of busy that we turned ourselves right around and made a bee-line for our favourite breakfast place closer to home.

But it was closed. So we went to the shitty Coffee Club across the street where we waited an hour for horribly average food that left us both feeling sludgy and unwell. 

But hey thanks Coffee Club Wilston, you helped me make my first New Years Resolution - never ever to eat there again. Ever.

I guess it wasn't all bad though, at least I got to look at my pretty new watch. Often. A whole lot. And really, we only had a date with the couch and a DVD to uphold. Ah holidays.

Shirt: Myer
Broach: Gift
Skirt: Myer
Watch: Gift
Shoes: Rubi

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  1. Love the effect on these photos! What is it?


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