Friday, May 27

Round 'Em Up!

I've had a couple of requests that I dish about the goodies I found in Sydney. And hey, I please to aim. So here you go.

Might I just note that this is an edited version. I'm pretty sure you don't want to see the thermal pajamas that I bought and have worn pretty much constantly since. Or the underwear. Maybe you do, but this ain't that kind of blog. Oh and of course the sweater I wore yesterday. And a book. But aside from all that here is what I got:

Turns out I'm really into blue and brown right now. I didn't even realise until I'd bought half this stuff and then looked down at my bag. I sure ain't complainin' though (or opposed to using slang as it would appear).


  1. Nice haul! I am really into navy blue at the moment too. It is such a great colour for winter.

  2. That zara skirt and the blue dress are amazing. Such perfect summer/fall stapples.

  3. Loving the second from last one.

  4. I am loving those dresses from Valleygirl. Mmm :)


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