Monday, June 13

I Want To Go To Spotlight But I Have To Wait For The Cactus

I had such high hopes for this long weekend. 3 days of goofing off and rocking fantastic outfits. But turns out, the sickness gods had other plans and saw fit to smite The Man and I.

As I write this we’ve currently taken up residence on the couch surrounded by tissues and empty tea cups. 

Rather than subject you to photographic evidence – here’s a post from the week before last....

It's a good day today. In fact, it's glorious. Yep: 

[glawr-ee-uhs, glohr-]adjective

delightful; wonderful; completely enjoyable

I walked through the park on my way to the train station. It was all sunshine and birds twittering (and I mean, honest to god, original definition of the term. No, "Just ate soup. Now watching Dr Who reruns").

I swear, taking back my Fridays (and not naming a band after it) was the best thing I could have done. If you're in a position to do it, gosh, do!

Shirt: Cotton On
Dress: Cue
Shoes: Gift


  1. I'm dying over these photos! Love the way you tied up your shirt!


  2. I love the dreamy vintage vibe of these pictures. Your blog banner reminds me of Ed Hardy or Sailor Jerry's artwork! =)

  3. Great array of outfits--where do you get your inspiration? Do you just choose a theme for each day? Or mood?


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