Monday, July 18

Not A Great Country Song, Let's Be Honest

Took a train to the station...

Well, really I walked to the station. Then I took a train. But it sounds less like a country song when I explain it.

Here's the story: I waited for a train, enjoying the winter sunshine...

And admiring my polka dot tights and the fact that they'd lasted so long compared to the others I'd owned.

The train arrived and took me to the City.

Um, something something something...I dyed my hair.

Yup, worst country song ever. And it started off so well, right? Right guys?

Shoes: Wittner
Tights: Best & Less
Bag: The Fashion Station
Shirt: Myer


  1. They're some first class lyrics Sel - and a killer hairdo to accept your Grammy award to boot ;)

  2. Love the pics

  3. Amazing pics dear and great blog!
    Following! Follow back? <3

  4. loving your hair! it looks fantastic!

  5. Pretty photos and I love your hair!!! It's so pretty!


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