Thursday, October 20

Calvin & Girls Who Wear Red Lipstick

On my My Space page, back in the day, I had "Calvin and girls who wear red lipstick" listed as my heroes.

Calvin, is of course, Calvin of Calvin & Hobbes. That little dude and his dinner roll feet will be my hero forever. 

And I'd always admired girls who wore red lipstick. They were so cool and they had this... air about them. I mean it seemed like such an achievement just to get it right.

Whenever I tried it out I looked a lot like one of those amusement park clowns jerkily turning back and forth with their giant red lips. It wasn't exactly the look I was after.

But then my pal Annie (who always looks amazing with her red lipstick) recommended I try her shade. And would you look at that? Now I'm a girl who wears red lipstick.

(Side note: I can see this will take some practice. I never knew how often I touched my lips until I discovered red smears all over my fingers. It's OK, I'm learning...) 

Lipstick: Myer (Natio in Rush)
Dress: Dangerfield
Rings: Gift & Lovisa
Shoes: Children of the Revolution


  1. Your dress is so cute! Red lipstick looks great on you :) Haha I love Calvin and Hobbes,too

  2. I´m really digging your style, cool pics

  3. Wow, your hair are so beautiful!!!
    And your dress is very very cute!^^


  4. Ah, Calvin & Hobbes is so great! I think my Myspace likes were somethin' along the lines of "dancing in the autumn breeze and counting stars", haha. All that wonderfully over-the-top, poetic stuff. ;)

    You look awesome in this dress! The hair and lipstick work perfectly with it. :)

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