Tuesday, November 29

Butter Wouldn't Melt

Come with me, if you will, in the magic time machine that is an iPhone camera.

What am I gabbling about? Well, this outfit is from last weekend. Or the one before (it was quite a party). And I still have photos to post from before this.

So. Time machine. Get it?

I'm also rather tricky with my post title. You know, because the dress is the colour of butter. Only it was really hot when I wore it. So butter would melt. And, in fact, I did for a good few hours. And I nearly burned right up when the air horn caught fire from the birthday candles. 

Yeah... it was quite a party.

Dress: Valley Girl
Bra: Myer
Badge: Lovisa
Ring: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Nordstroms 


  1. It gets colder and colder here as it warms up over there. Tradesies?

  2. so cute! love the badge :D

  3. Eeeee! The back of your dress is so damn cute. And I love your hair! Teach me your ways :D Was it a themed party or do you always dress up this rockin for rockin parties? I have a 60s party to go to this Saturday - I bought a new dress and I'm scared it's more 80s than 60s. EEP :D

    You look dashing!

  4. Want your shoes!!!!^^
    You look so cute and girlish, love your dress!

  5. I want to be where you are :) Love this dress - especially with those funky shoes! And I'm so in love with you since you said I look like Angela Chase :)

  6. Your dress is so pretty! And I like your title, I always have trouble thinking up of titles for my posts :)

  7. Hello beautiful, beautiful images,
    have a lovely space,
    if you like the poetry I invite you to my space.
    happy week.

  8. The back of this dress is really pretty!

  9. Ooo, the back is gorgeous. :) I love that you put a black skull on it. So perfect. ;)

  10. my godness your shoes are awesome! O.O

    xx, Rachel. <3<3


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