Tuesday, November 15

Coming Home Feels Like Surrender

Well gang, I'm home. Did ya miss me? Shucks.

Now...to decide what to post. Do I subject you to blurry views of the Seattle Skyline? Photos of amusing street names and giant bags of candy?

Nah, let's ease back into this thing. Here's me in Santa Cruz, doing what I did a lot of while we were away.

Next post I'll share one of the rare "outfit shoots" I got while we were legging it around the USA.

Hope nothing caught fire while I was out.

Hair clip: ModCloth
Dress: ModCloth
Cardigan: Cotton On
There's more, but that's all you can see...and all I can remember


  1. Legging around *some* of the USA ;) The East Coast missed you.

  2. Ahahahha oh my gosh I HOPE you wrote this after the wee spontaneous fire pahwoob in the kitchen today otherwise not only will that mean you really are the true fire starter but you foreSAW it aaaagggghhhh...

    Meanwhile....Welcome home and awesome outfit, hair and face, you are an original beauty m'darlin

    xxxx Good to have you home :) :) :) :)

  3. Well, welcome back! ^^
    Nice photos, love this "vintage" mood!


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