Wednesday, February 8

Have Another Drink

I'd like to think I'm getting better at taking pictures at the bar. Or rather, having my picture taken at the bar.

See, if I were sensible? I wouldn't take pictures there at all. Because no matter what, it just ends... um, uh... unflatteringly.

Oh sure, these are fine. And you'll never see the 17 outtakes in my trash can. I mean, I could've just posted these with no explanation and you'd be thinking, "My, what  composed young lady". But I can't lie to you guys. 

This particular night? Ended with me singing at the top of my lungs. With nary a karaoke machine to be seen. But I wasn't alone (that makes it better, right?). What's a quartet called when it's only 3 people? Oh yeah, a trio. Yeah. We were that.

Shirt: Jay Jays
Badges: Lovisa and gifts
Singlet: Woolworths
Necklace: Was Mum's
Bracelet: Gift
Bangle: Lovisa
Jeans: Macy*s
Shoes: Wittner


  1. really craving a drink now after this! lol


  2. i need an instagram!

  3. we need a video of you singing next time!! ;D

  4. Cute casual look!

  5. great shoes! :)

  6. My GAWD. I want to hang wid chu on weekends. Or week days. Singing. OH yes. Love the b&w shot.


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