Saturday, March 24


Yup. As you can see by the title of this post, I couldn't pick just one winner. I couldn't! Y'all were too awesome with your comments. So I decided on a grand prize winner and a runner up. Here's how it played out:

Grand Prize:

Runner Up:

Ladies, shoot me an email with your addresses and I'll package up your goodies and ship them off! And boy, did I have fun shopping for this stuff...

My email address is loverssaintsandsailors (at) gmail (dot) com.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered. You guys sure know how to make a gal feel appreciated!

And stay tuned for Monday's post. Got some news!


  1. Pretty sure it won't be babies or cats..rabbits maybe or long eared hedgehogs omg I just saw one the other day, adorable, kinda alien ... but adorable nonetheless! Whatever it is, can't wait to hear, your news is always so awesomely blog worthy! P.s sad I missed the chance to comment on your last blog. You are so colourful and creative in every aspect of your blogging. The writing, photographs, topics and titles are all so brilliantly sculpted yet you can tell they're not forced. You're a natural gifted scribe artist fashion whizz and all round inspiration Xx

  2. P.p.s and very very funny! Did I mention pretty too? And down to earth adorable xxx


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