Wednesday, April 18

Sunday Beer & A Better Look At That Dress

I wore the dress on Easter Sunday. You know the dress, the one I could never quite capture right. I'm not even sure these do it justice but hey, pictures, you know?

Remember how I said I should never take pictures at the bar? Well, what if you're at the bar at lunch time? On Easter Sunday? And you only have one beer? Surely nothing can go terribly wrong there, right?

I mean, clearly I'm the very picture of a lady. Right? Right guys??

Scarf: Thrifted
Necklace: Diva
Badge: Gift
Dress: Paper Scissors
Wrist stuff: Oh, here and there. Myer, know, around.
Shoes: Toms
Bag (good for stashing pints in. What?): Strandbags


  1. ahh, sunday beers are the best. i think i need a tuesday beer.

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

  2. Haha, you look lovely in the dress :]

  3. Beer and a cute dress? You're my kinda gal.

  4. I'm not sure I'm in the camp that you shouldn't take pictures in a bar, per se, but I do think your exception on a Sunday during the day was worth it. Dress looks fab & I am betting the beer was tasty.


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