Saturday, November 6

A Few Thousand Words

We had such a wonderful time in New Zealand. I know I've said that already but we really, really did. It took a couple of days to get in the groove of just relaxing and doing nothing. But once I was in that groove I sure as shoes didn't want to get out again.

These pictures are a rather accurate representation of how I spent a large percentage of my time:

Other activities included - being chased by a sea lion. Sounds funny, it was actually quite confronting. They're not small! 

Enjoying amazing Mexican Food.

Appreciating the local street art. 

 Soaking up the sunshine. It stayed light until 8:45pm! I could hardly believe it.

Visiting a castle.

 Savouring indecently good room service.

 Loving my Man.


  1. it all looks wonderful.. it's a beautiful country.. my son is half Kiwi - and I've ben there a few times..and it looks as if the food has improved since I was last there! Love the "dream" street art piece. Glad you both had such a great time xo

  2. Why does New Zealand have amazing Mexican food? Surely they're even further away than we are. Fuckin', one-up cunts

  3. Looks like an awesome vacation! Thanks for sharing all the old photos while you were gone. What a cutie!


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