Friday, January 14

What We Make

We couldn't help out today. Friends can only access their homes by boat and the power is still out when they get there. Thankfully, thankfully, thankfully some friends and family have returned to find their homes unscathed.

We're registering with Volunteering Qld to help in the coming weeks and months. As much as there is the huge pull to get in there right now and help it's just not possible. The recovery process will be long and there will be plenty of opportunities to help.

As we couldn't get out there I decided to spend the day creating. With so many things being destroyed I think it's important to keep building. I picked up some fabric swatches at Spotlight for my assignment. And friends of ours welcomed their first baby into the world during the flood so I've been working on the design for a little singlet. Not many of you would know this but I've actually made a number of babies and children's clothes and toys over the years. I call them my "Little Saints & Sailors".

Top: Jacqui E
Skirt: Cotton On
Ring: Capitola Mall
Shoes: Rubi


  1. i hope you're doing okay, and i think it's amazing that you're helping out.

    stay strong!

  2. :( This flood sucks major bum. I would definitely be volunteering my services if I could. I can't even donate a huge amount of money because my budget is so tight. So the other day when I had to buy work skirts for my temp job I said yes to donating a percentage to the qld flood appeal. *sigh* it's tres sad.

    On a lighter note, I love Little Saints and Sailors! Nawwww! Promise we when I have a baby you'll make me a little something :) I think you should go into business with a name like that. I got a sewing machine for xmas so I'll gladly be an employee... haha

    Nope, present hasn't arrived yet. Makes me a little sad but hey! it's the thought that counts :) xoxox


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