Wednesday, February 22

Flowers & Fists

You can't tell in these pictures, but I'm not wearing any shoes. Shocking, I know. I mean, being I'm in my own back yard and all...

But don't you wanna know why I'm not wearing any shoes? (Humour me, OK? I know you've got much better things to wonder about than why some girl on the other side of the world isn't wearing shoes in her back yard.)

It's because the cute little innocent looking Mary Janes I wore the day before gave me no less than SIX blisters. Okay, it was exactly six. But still...jerks!

Anyway. These pictures are from Saturday. It was a pretty great day. Started with picking flowers.

And ended with throwing punches.

Hair clips: Woolworths, I think
Sunglasses: Dangerfield
Shirt: Kmart
Skirt: Zara
Boxing Gloves: Struddys


  1. Eeep! Sorry your shoes hurt your feet so badly. I wish I could go shoeless right now. These photos are fun :]

  2. Love these photos! Great blog.


  3. The weather looks so beautiful! ;) Do you practice boxing? I've *always* wanted to try (that or taekwondo).

  4. Ugh, I hate when the cutest shoes hurt my feet, it's always so depressing!
    I hope the blisters disappear soon!

  5. I love your skirt - it's so cute and summery. I can't believe those shoes did so much damage - they looked great.

  6. such pretty pictures!

  7. Lovely photos!

  8. Beautiful pictures! Love your skirt! :)

  9. great tshirt.........super adorable...........your newest follower............xx


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