Monday, February 27

Give It To Me Straight

Friday. What a great day it was. 

I got to spend the day being all crafty (shh, don't tell Smorgan) and then in the evening I got to glam up and hit...the kitchen as it would appear in these photos.

Cuz you see, we were supposed to go out for a birthday dinner (hi Smorgan!!). And so I took the opportunity to dress up, bust out my mad make up skills (which  you totally can't see in these pictures but trust me, mad), straighten the ol' hairoo and pump up some victory rolls.

Only then... The Man came home from a dentist appointment with 2 new fillings and a numb mouth. Which would have made dinner pretty difficult. So we had to skip it.

But I was all dressed up! And make up! And hair!  It's OK, don't worry, we wound up going out for a late, fancy dinner once he was able to do more than drink beer through a straw (classy is a word often bandied about in our household).

Dress: ASOS
Tights: Myer
Boots: Thrifted
Beer: Archive


  1. Love your plaid leggings...cute!

    xo Lisa

  2. simply amazing and fun pics!

    I checked your blog and I like it!
    Visit my blog, if u want we can follow each other!
    have a great Monday!

  3. you look amaze-balls my dear. So so gorgeous - I am in love with your hair

  4. i loveeeeeee your hair here!!! Ugh, I wish I could do something like that to mine - except if I do, it will promptly slip out. It's impossible. Bummer you had to miss the dinner party - I think it would have made for quite the entertainment ;p xox

  5. Great photos, cute dress!


  6. cool hairdo

  7. LOVE your hair straightened! Though, I also adore it curly :)

  8. Gorgeous!! And the dress and the tights ... this is perfection!

  9. Cute outfit, cute hair!! XO

  10. such a lovely outfit sweetie


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