Wednesday, June 29

Let's Get The Old Band Back Together Again

I've done a lot of reminiscing today. 

Looking back through old posts I came across this one and immediately embarked on a mission to find those grey gloves. They're so soft! And I love them! And, sure, I'd completely forgotten they existed until I saw that post but...want! Now!

I didn't find them *sob*, but I did re-discover these tights. And hey, wouldn't you know...I'm wearing the same flanno.

The thing that tugged the most on my heartstrings though is a video I found on my phone from way back in January on Australia Day. Hanging around the table at Sophie's, talking smack and drinking out of watermelons. 

Sophie and I way back in 2001

Sophie, if you're reading this. Come home! We miss you! I know you're out making the world a better place musically but I'm feeling selfish. I wanna hang out at the dog track. Play lawn bowls. Drink Banrock cask wine...

Scarf: Diva?
Flanno: Target
Tshirt: Against Me! show
Skirt: Cotton On
Tights: Gift
Shoes: Kmart


  1. Cute photos! :)

  2. I was reading back through my old blog recently. It was funny reading everything I wrote then. My blog seems to have changed so much since I first started.

  3. I want your trainers! Love them

  4. you look super cool and badass!


  5. Such an awesome outfit, I love the way you dress
    One of my favourite things is finding forgotten treasures in the back of my wardrobe, I recently had the same experience!

  6. Too bad that you didn't find your gloves but I do like your tights! They look good on you. :)

  7. Nice outfit!!


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